DZ Deathrays Deliver ‘Year Of The Dog’ Feat. Matt Caughthran Of The Bronx

To say we’re excited about DZ Deathraysforthcoming album Positive Rising: Part 1 would be an understatement, but after hearing this new track featuring Matt Caughthran of The Bronx, we’re fucking sold! It’s a riff-heavy ride which will no doubt become a staple moshpit inducing song at future shows which surely will make you want to bash into the person next to you.

Take a listen and if it’s up your alley, swing a pre-order for the new release right here

dz deathrays album

DZ Deathrays – Positive Rising: Part 1 tracklisting 

1. Hi Everyone
2. Still No Change
3. In-To-It
4. A Lot To Lose
5. Hypercolour
6. Snakes
7. Nightmare Wrecker
8. Year of the Dog (feat. Matt Caughthran)
9. Silver Lining

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