Born of Osiris + Chelsea Grin – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 27th June @ The Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC

Born of Osiris + The Chelsea Grin
The Corner Hotel, VIC
June 27th, 2019
Supports: Diamond Construct and The Gloom in the Corner

It’s been a good few years since two bands ventured down to Aussie shores, so Born of Osiris and The Chelsea Grin joined forces for a co-headline tour across our nation. It seemed like a slightly odd combination of sub-genres joining forces, but this has been done well before and united fans – and at times even introduced a new musical dimension to fans of the alternate band.

Melbourne lads The Gloom in the Corner were obvious favourites at The Corner Hotel (Inception anyone?). Despite branding themselves as metalcore, the Victorian outfit blistered through some strong deathcore influenced tracks, some off their latest release Flesh & Bones (our review here). The band executed breakdowns with punchy cohesion and urged that astonished look of punters who’d never seen them before. 


Next up were Diamond Construct who’ve been receiving a lot of attention in the metal sphere as of late, and deservingly so. The band reign from Taree in NSW and bring an energetic raspy zing to metalcore, similar to sounds from bands like Sworn In. The tempo is fast and the drums are huge, with everything building towards those imminent breakdowns. The vocals are hoarse-ing but well-held, bring historic dimensions of the genre with a new and evolving sound. It delivered chaos but also a planned rhythm. Melbourne punters were well and truly getting around Diamond Construct and were getting moving around that infamous pole at The Corner. The guys showcased some sick new hits off their brand new self-titled and gave us something to write home about. 

thumbs up

Alright, let’s get serious. Time for some Chelsea Grin action. It’s been a little while since the Salt Lake City musicians made their way down here, and they’ve had some lineup changes too. They released a sick album called Eternal Nightmare not too long ago as well. Maybe the crowd isn’t as inquisitive as me, but I was certainly curious to see how new vocalist Tom Barber (ex-Lorna Shore) would go under the live microscope of fans. It definitely seemed like there was more Chelsea Grin merch being worn by punters than Born of Osiris – so it was interesting to see how that ratio played out. 

The sound was moderate, with context that there was expectation for some sheer ferocity, considering the size of the deathcore band and how they fit in the scene. It wasn’t clear as to whether the escaping sound was more due to the venue or the band’s gear, but each breakdown and crack were not as explosive as anticipated. Nonetheless, Barber’s vocals were flawless as he wretched through the highs and lows of the band’s signature growl range. The rest of the band were relatively on point as they smashed through most of the hits on their latest record. It was a bit of a shame that the band didn’t play more than three or so songs from their broader back catalogue, but nonetheless tracks like ‘Playing With Fire’ and ‘Lilith’ created wind energy in the crowd. Not sure if the band held out on older material due to the vocalist change or musical maturity, but nonetheless the show was decent and gave us some delightful deathcore pleasure.

pretty good

Born of Osiris have been busy bees, releasing new material and doing what they do best. The technical/progressive/djent band from Chicago always have so much fun on stage. Both vocalists embody completely different personas and combine energies to entertain the crowd throughout the set. The band are like the AI/Robotics arm of heavy metal, both in their technical sound, and in their song titles and lyrics – it’s quite cool and unique really.

The band had Chelsea Grin’s Barber jump on stage for a verse which was really cool to bring in a deathcore vocal effort for the prog style music that was being played. Born of Osiris immersed us in a blend of their back catalogue pretty well, and diehard fans were definitely getting amongst the older tracks like ‘Divergency’ and ‘Machine’. The gig was a fairly decent one all-in-all, but I don’t think the co-headline worked as optimally as it could have – but maybe that’s just me; not a bad night out for live music. 

it was alright

Review by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

Photo Gallery by Sean Fabre-Simmonds. Insta: @gravy_havock
Please credit Wall of Sound and Sean Fabre-Simmonds if you use published photos

Diamond Construct

Chelsea Grin

Born of Osiris

chelsea grin tour

Born of Osiris – Australian Tour 2019
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Sat 29 June: Amplifier Bar, Perth 18+ *

*Diamond Construct not appearing

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