Haaaaave You Seen The Gun Drummer Videos Yet?

UPDATE: He’s just released a cover of Australia’s very own Thy Art Is Murder. Take a look at ‘Reign of Darkness‘ below


‘MURICA. Home of the brave, an absolute dickwad in power and bands like Metallica, Beartooth, Slipknot and Halestorm to name a few (there’s actually thousands more but I CBF right now)… and also home to guns. Now, first of all, guns being used in the wrong way is shit and there is no need for power weapons to be owned by anyone. Ever.

But….. the only exception is Gun Drummer who, as his name suggests, uses his guns to cover drum beats in heavy metal songs, for hilarious effect. So far he’s gained attention covering Lamb of God‘s ‘Laid To Rest‘ and Slipknot‘s ‘Psychosocial‘, but he’s also covered the likes of Fit For A King and After The Burial.

Check out his videos below and suss him out on YouTube

Lamb of God – ‘Laid to Rest

Slipknot – ‘Psychosocial

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  1. Nice giving a attention to this dude. Your political views are obviously garbage, but good for you on spreading art.

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