Northlane Will FINALLY Release ‘Talking Heads’ On Wednesday

As Northlane prepare to release Alien, arguably their best album to date, on August 2nd, the hype train continues with the band announcing they’ll finally be releasing the song ‘Talking Heads‘ on Wednesday, June 5th at 3pm Sydney time. This track, in particular, has sent fans into a frenzy after they’ve played it live during most of their recent shows across the globe, so you can imagine the mayhem it’ll bring when they finally get their hands on a legit, studio quality version.

The band announced their new album and tour back in April saying it’s going to be one of their most personal to date and having heard it already, all I can say is you’re in for a treat. Stay tuned for our review coming closer to release and get keen for new Northlane later this week!

Pre-order Alien right here

northlane alien

Northlane – Alien tracklisting

1. Details Matter
2. Bloodline
3. 4D
4. Talking Heads
5. Freefall
6. Jinn
7. Eclipse
8. Rift
9. Paradigm
10. Vultures
11. Sleepless

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2 Comments on Northlane Will FINALLY Release ‘Talking Heads’ On Wednesday

  1. scuse me fella did you just say arguably their best album to date and single handedly shit all over Singularity?

    • brownypaul // August 2, 2019 at 9:27 am // Reply

      I sure as hell did (not shit all over though, that’s too far) but Alien is Northlane’s BEST album to date.

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