Are blink-182 driving their name into the ground?

Another week, another thing blink-182 have done to upset loyal fans and cause a stir in the music industry. The boys have finally released their new video for current single “She’s Out Of Her Mind” from the new album California and it’s far from fresh for those who have been a fan of the band for years. They’ve decided to rip off remake their own “What’s My Age Again?” video clip from 1999, except they’ve replaced the main trio with three female leads… Original!

The video is almost shot scene for scene with the first clip, only it has been updated to reflect on the 17 years that have passed e.g. the girl in the original with the magnifying glass has been replaced with a girl using a smart phone, the old man bashes an iPad instead of a Tv and the naughty nurse has been replaced by the show stealing Adam Devine from Workaholics (or Modern Family if you’re a bit of a prude).

Now I know what you’re thinking, dickhead Browny, why can’t you just shut the fuck up and accept the fact the band is moving in a new direction and why do you have to be so negative about everything they put out. Well the fact is, they’re not moving anywhere if they pull stuff like this. The band is rehashing shit from their earlier (more popular years) and it seems as if (to me) that they’re still trying to cash in on that success. Yes it’s an attempt at parodying themselves but I for one didn’t find it funny, or relatively entertaining. Think about now how Hollywood is remaking or reworking old movies because they’re running out of ideas, this is EXACTLY THE SAME THING and if you’re not a fan of the latter, than you in no way should be a fan of this.

They’re offering nothing new or edgy which was something former member Tom Delonge was all over like a rash when he was still part of the band. I don’t know about you but the more I see of these guys bashing their heads against a brick wall, the more I am inclined to stop watching anything they put out. Call me old fashioned but maybe it’s time the guys hang up the band name before they drag it though the mud more than they have already.

Still don’t agree? Take a look at my pick of the band’s Top 7 Music Videos of All Time and see where this one stacks up (it wouldn’t it even make the list). One thing we can probably agree on is it’s a hell of a lot better than their “collaboration” with Steve Aoki.

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