Get a sneak peek of an upcoming Angels & Airwaves documentary

Angels & Airwaves are well and truly back with their brand new song ‘Rebel Girl‘ already establishing itself as a hit with the fans and the band are hitting the road across America for the first time in seven years believe it or not (that’s also the same amount of time since they were last in Australia) and so we can expect to see a whole bunch of AvA again and that’s probably one of the most exciting things about 2019 so far…

But if you’re like me and your thirst for Tom DeLonge always need replenishing, then you’re in for a treat because the band will have a documentary coming out soon which is filmed and put together by legendary vlogger Peter McKinnon. A sample of what we can expect was released in the below video which shows the making of the band’s new single and their visual music video which they premiered early yesterday morning.

It also features Tom discussing why he decided to jump back on the horse and get into the band/music scene again and how his stage shows will also reflect his artistic expression, not just his music:

“I thought, fuck it, maybe now is the time to start playing music again for myself really, you know, get back on the horse kind of thing… The fame and the notoriety from that stuff isn’t what drove me, it was always the art and the expression. Now I’m here kinda going ok there’s two ways to express yourself, you do it in the song when you record it and then you also do it when you communicate the song on stage. So now we’re gonna do that second part and I’m really excited about it…”

If you’re thinking about jumping on a plane to the states to see the band live, take me with you yeah?

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