PREMIERE: Vesper Green’s ‘Sub Solar’ set to heat up Australia’s heavy rock scene

Not since the 90’s have we been this excited about a grunge band doing the rounds in Australia, but there’s just something about Brisbane’s Vesper Green that brings back all those childhood angsty-teenage memories and makes you want to rebel against the man and your parents (despite being in your 30’s nowadays).

We first met the lads back in May last year after premiering their (still) belter of a song ‘Innocent Illiterate‘ which just reeked of grunge rock goodness and so it’s an honour and privilege to have them back again to do it with their next single ‘Sub Solar‘ which should please even the slightest of critics.

We grabbed vocalist/guitarist Nick Ashby for a roundup of the new song and when they’ll be working on a full length release…

Hey ledge, firstly welcome back, the last time we had a premiere for you was on the back of ‘Innocent Illiterate’. How do you think the reception was after releasing that one?

Hey, back at ya man, thanks for having us back. We had such a great reception to Innocent illiterates release actually. It was really humbling to see and hear such a response from people. Especially for a first release. It definitely found some reach. It found Radio play all over Australia, including Jane Gazzo’s HomeGrown show on Triple M. A month or so after the release we started hearing it being played in venues around Brisbane, which was pretty great. It just felt like people actually really enjoyed it. People still come up to us today and tell us how Innocent Illiterate is still all over their feeds. So to sum it up. It was received well.

Well bloody deserved too might I say. Its been a hot minute but you’re back again with the new single ‘Sub Solar’. For those not in the know, this is the scientific term for the part of the Earth where the sun is directly overhead. Was it named after a hot, sweaty recording session when the sun was right above the studio?

I see you’ve done your research. Well not quite, it wasn’t named after the sweaty recording session we DEFINITELY had recording it. We always end up recording in summer, in a poorly ventilated space. But it adds to the vibe. It is very much about a heated moment. Coming and going, without giving you enough of a chance to cool it off and think straight.

We’ve all been there, myself personally just recently haha The good news is the song is as hot as the sun and still has the elements of that great grunge rock style you’ve been honing in on. It’s fast where it needs to be and slow enough for fans to catch our breath too (in a live setting). Was it intentional to make a song that was fun for you guys to play and for the fans to lose their shit over or did it come naturally?

Thanks so much. Well when it comes to writing, it always is from whatever feels natural. I would say it wasn’t an intentional plan to slow the song down, it was just the moment that catches the lyrics and the emotions naturally. It also was probably so that I could catch my own breath having to replicate the intensity of playing and singing that song live. We slow down exactly as my breath runs out haha. But yeah it just ended up working that way.

As a band, we very much agreed that we want to be the same band live as you hear recorded. So our thoughts are always about how the song would be performed live and how we can connect our emotive energy to our fans.

I love a band that forward thinks like that instead of just writing a song for the sake of recording, it shows you’re in tune with your craft and thinking of all angles. Well done. The new single is the third to be released so far, how long until we can get our hands on a full length or EP?

Well, we’ve been promising one for a while now.

But you can expect it this year, and you can expect it to be loud and nothing like what’s out there.

Keen… And you’re playing a show at The Zoo in Brisbane on April 13th. That venue was formerly known as a sweatbox for shows, can you confirm or deny there’ll be some red hot tunes getting pumped out on the night you’re playing?

Yep the Zoo on Saturday, April 13th. TIX ARE ON SALE NOW! So not only will there be some red hot NEW TUNES (not referring to the chili peppers) but we have some awesome support bands who have just released new tunes. So be sure to come to check them out too.

Its going to be a show like none we have done before. We have a new SET LIST a new STAGE SHOW and most of all we’re keen to see everyone there.

Locking it into my calendar now… Following this, what’s the plan for the band? More tours and singles?

Ya so we have plenty on this year. First up we have decided to undertake the QUBE effect again this year for the great opportunities provided and to represent Brisbane rock bands, are few and far between in the program this year. We have the EP coming out as discussed above. There will definitely be a tour later in the year. But apart from that not too much I can discuss. NEW MUSIC, videos and many more shows this year.

For those who haven’t jumped on the Vesper Green backseat yet, give them 3 reasons why they need to change that in 2019?

You don’t need 3. There’s one simple answer…

We are different to 99.9 % of what’s out there (especially when you hear the new stuff) So why waste your time with music that sounds the same as everyone else when you have us?

You’re teasing this new music well my friend, can’t wait to hear it. Any last words?

The last thing to say is. Thanks for your time man. We look forward to seeing you and everyone else at the shows this year. Support music, SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Vesper Green. Get on it!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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Vesper Green – Sub Solar Single Launch

April 13th @ The Zoo, Brisbane

Tickets Here

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