PREMIERE: Vesper Green are screaming life back into Australia’s grunge scene with ‘Innocent Illiterate’

Back in the early to late 90’s grunge was a way of life, rebellious teens with their angst-filled personas blasted bands like Silverchair, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and (the kings) Nirvana constantly as they made their way through adolescence. Eventually they had to grow up and get real jobs, leaving behind the long hair and baggy clothes.

These days glimpses of grunge make their way back into the music scene with bands like Violent Soho and Introvert leading the pack, but now Brisbane’s very own Vesper Green have put their finger in the pie and intend on leaving their mark with their stellar new single/video for ‘Innocent Illiterate‘ which throws back to the 90’s with a warm, welcoming hug. We caught up with vocalist/guitarist Nick Ashby to introduce you to his band if you haven’t discovered the name yet…

Hey guys, firstly well done on the new song ‘Innocent Illiterate’ it’s grungy as fuck and just screams Nirvana/Pearl Jam. Was it your intention to create a song similar to those acts?

Thanks, it had been a long time coming for a song that came together within about 5 minutes. It wasn’t our intention and nor do we think its so similar, but we can understand the influences people hear within the song itself. The music itself appeared out of nowhere, taking place as a little jam between songs during a rehearsal of our setlist.

The influences that were intended somewhat come through due to the nature of the message presented in the song and video clip. It’s a song that collectively shows the whole band wandering where the music of substance has gone in the current scene, as well as it pays our respect to the bands who influence us to create the music we love while also keeping it fresh.

Grunge is making a comeback and you’ve certainly helped with that, what are you guys doing to make sure you do the genre justice?

Straight up. Grunge is making a comeback, but I feel true grunge in all its aspects is yet to be included in that comeback. I think as long as we play hard, write hard and communicate enough raw emotive material as we can, I feel as though that is all you can do. It’s not up to us to decide whether we’ve done it justice. We are here to play songs that can matter to us as well as other people.

For those just discovering the band now, who will we see at your next live show?

You’ll come across the big burly machine of a drummer. Usually shirtless behind the kit and just any other time he can be. He hits hard plays harder and goes by the name of Colin Buursen.

Chris Flemdog millionaire, the guy behind the screaming guitar, leads heard in Innocent Illiterate, usually stage right. The Flemingo is a flamboyant grunge Hendrix.

Huw Murray is the slender figure behind the bass, and I’m Nick Ashby, vocals, Guitars, and just all round wants to play you a song type of guy. We are way friendlier in person than we appear on stage.

vesper green old

The video features a house show with an amazing scenic backdrop, where’d you guys film it?

The video was Filmed pretty much in the backyard of the house my brother was living in at the time near to where I live, In Samford Valley. We thought we’d create an aesthetically pleasing video for as little cost possible. Why not use whats around you, in my experience the dankest house parties have been more rural.

And does it pretty much represent what happens at a Vesper Green show?

I think there’s more chaos and less doucheyness at a VG show. Kidding. Definitely more chaos, more fun and when we perform we try to be professional about it.

I think I look more pissed off in the video than I do in day to day life, it was just for dramatic effect. Chris’s hair grew back, and Collin wears looser shirts and Huw doesn’t wear tights anymore. So I’d say you need to come check us out to get an accurate representation.

Nice little tease there mate, so for those who want to see you live, What’s coming up for you guys?

We have a couple of singles to drop in the coming months which we will be touring on, followed by what will be an EP.

I think in the next few months we will be playing a couple of shows, but mainly focussing on what happens behind the scenes, writing, recording and working hard to bring out a whole lot more content for us and others to enjoy.

Now if you guys absolutely had to ride a Vespa moped around Brisbane, what colour would you choose?

If I had to ride a Vespa, there’s obviously only one choice. Green. You used to get little models of Green Vespas in Kinder Surprises, that was before they took the fun away and stopped you from building the models. There’s always someone to ruin the fun.

kinda vespa

And if you had to choose between being Innocent, Boring or Illiterate for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Well, no one likes to be boring so cross that one out.

As a singer being illiterate doesn’t help me at all, maybe if I was just a guitarist.

If I was innocent, I could still just enjoy a Disney movie without the endless sexual references (Toy Story is still great with and without noticing them though).

I like the cut of your job. Get behind Brisbane’s Vesper Green and check out their brand new video for ‘Innocent Illiterate‘ below.

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