Static-X discuss Touring Vocalist, Memorial Tribute to Wayne Static and Project Regeneration album

So, Static-X are planning what they’re calling a Memorial Tribute to Wayne Static which includes a new album called Project Regeneration (featuring some of the last vocal recordings from Wayne prior to his passing in 2014) and the 20th Anniversary World Tour of Wisconsin Death Trip with their touring vocalist standing where Wayne once was (play catch up right here kids).

Now this news at first divided fans but most of us eagerly anticipated the news to see what, who and how they would go about doing this, especially considering they’ve lost a key factor to the band, their frontman. The original lineup of Tony Campos, Ken Jay and Koichi Fukuda is back, they have the blessing of Wayne’s family to go ahead with their plans, but the one thing we’ve wanted to know was “who will be singing?”

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That information was kinda/sorta answered in their latest Facebook Post where the guys revealed they’ll be getting in a touring vocalist who not only has re-recorded a couple of the band’s classic tracks like ‘Bled for Days‘ and ‘Push It‘, but also will serve as a visual memorial of the man who once stood at the front of the stage for Static-X. This includes a getup consisting of the same pointy hair, the same long goatee and, a zombified (if you will) Wayne Static mask… In the captions, the band stated:

“For us, the goal was 100% about recapturing the vibe and the spirit of STATIC-X. We were never interested in using a hologram or using Wayne’s pre-recorded vocals. It has to be real and it has to have a soul and a pulse. STATIC-X has always been four guys. Two guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. We didn’t want to mess with that formula. This is the most electric version of Wisconsin Death Trip 2.0 that we can imagine, without actually having Wayne here with us.”

As expected, the announcement is once again dividing fans, some of which were keen to grab the new album to hear some previously unreleased songs, recorded and released upon the world, however, some are now not so sure about the idea of a guy dressing up as the former frontman performing on stage in his place. Assumptions are running wild that dope frontman Edsel Dope is the man behind the mask who not only has a similar voice to Wayne, but stage presence too. This is still unconfirmed, but speculation is running wild across the interwebs

I don’t know about you, like, I’m a fan of Static-X/Wayne Static and I never got the chance to see the band live during his heyday, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel about a glorified karaoke tour with a reimagined Wayne impersonator in a mask. I’m a fan of holograms, and I would have definitely been all about that idea, but this, I’m just stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still go to the show and check out the band live because 3/4 of OG Static-X members is better than none and I’m keen to see what the show entails for this tribute, but, like many other fans, I have some reservations.

Check out the video below which also features a taste of their brand new song called ‘All These Years‘ featuring Wayne Static on vocals… now THAT actually sounds pretty good.

Static-X are touring Australia with Wednesday 13 and dope in August.
Tickets on sale tomorrow via Metropolis Touring

static x tour

Static-X – Australian Tour

Aug 22nd. Brisbane – Eatons Hill Hotel

Aug 23rd. Melbourne – Croxton Bandroom

Aug 24th. Sydney – Metro Theatre

Aug 26th. Adelaide – The Gov

Aug 27th. Perth – Rock Rover

Tickets Here

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