Karnivool’s Ian Kenny talks New Music and hints at a 2019 Sound Awake Anniversary Tour

The minute Karnivool were announced for UNIFY Gathering, fans erupted with excitement for the band’s first shows on the East Coast since 2016 and even more so because usually with an announcement like that there’s two things that follow: New Music and a Tour.

On the latest episode of our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast series, we got straight to the point with frontman Ian Kenny, asking when the new material will be arriving, to which he replied:

“Well I don’t know, I won’t put [laughs] a timeframe on it, I’ve stopped doing that, because I’ve done it too many times, we all have, and it just doesn’t really go to plan. There’s always four years between records for this band, its something I wish I could change but it’s just the nature of the beast.”

But for those attending the upcoming festival and Road to UNIFY shows, it seems you may get a sneak peek of what they’ve been working on early as he added:

“We’re working on stuff at the moment [and] we did play three or four of those when we did some shows about a year ago and that was just going out and road testing them and seeing how the band gets their head around them and whatnot. So, if we get the material together this time, we’ll do that again, we’ll take some new stuff out and road test it.”

Podcast host Browny also discussed the band’s iconic 2009 album Sound Awake which will be turning 10-years-old next year and asked if they have considered doing an Anniversary Tour for it, similar to their 2015 Themata Tour and surprisingly, they had spoken about it:

“We have thought about it, I don’t know how much we’ve put on the page yet. [The Themata Anniversary Tour] was such an enjoyable tour for both us and the fans, there was something quite special about that. It was one of those moments where we get to realise what an impact and how important some of the records we make are to the people who love the music we make. So yes, off that back of that comment, I say we might do it yes, we might”

But how or when would it happen? Especially with nothing else being announced since the Road to Unify tour in January. Well, that answer came towards the end of the interview when Browny asked if the band had any plans for an East Coast tour, to which he stated:

“I think so man. I can kinda feel it already the way the band’s sort of talking about playing again and the way its sort of feeling as we’re discussing what next, that something gonna come up, so yeah I think so. It will be a great opportunity to road test some more new stuff when we get the opportunity and then even something like the Sound Awake Anniversary Tour, that sort of fits the 2009 theme.”

“So the way the band’s talking, after UNIFY yeah I can see something coming up”

Which is great news for those of us over this side of the country, far away from the band’s hometown of Perth, who feel neglected and haven’t been as lucky to see the guys in concert since the 2016 Pre-Animation Tour. Kenny also addressed the neglect Karnivool fans sometimes experience when they have to wait long periods of time for new music/shows (while Birds of Tokyo tour/release music more frequently), but he admitted that he does feel at times he’s letting the Vool fans down:

“…I do feel that sometimes with Karnivool with the release wait… and if I was a fan of that band I’d be waiting there and I’d be thinking man, come on, come on! And I know that is part of what our fans feel. That does weigh on my mind, its just something that chips away a little bit but it just shows the importance of what we do when the bands on.”

“I try not to get too psyched out about it but I definitely know its there.”

And from the majority of what we’ve seen, Karnivool fans are understanding and celebrate when those new tunes finally see the light of day. The good news is we won’t need to be waiting much longer with this new album hopefully rearing its head in 2019 (considering it’ll be two years overdue according to their four-year wait between albums).

Karnivool's Ian Kenny discusses New Music and East Coast Tour plans

Heard the big news yet? Karnivool frontman Ian Kenny had a chat to us about the hold up on new music and their discussions about an East Coast Tour which could tie into Sound Awake's 10th Anniversary next year…

Full Interview: http://bit.ly/WoSUATWE62

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Check out our full interview with Ian Kenny in this week’s episode of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall right here

Written by Browny @brownypaul

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