The Top 7 Bands Overdue For New Music

It was announced last week that KoЯn were back in the studio again working on new music after Ray Luzier chucked up a photo on his Instagram page, showing fans he was tracking drums. The delay in new music for the band comes because earlier this year frontman Jonathan Davis finally released his (questionable) solo record Black Labyrinth which he had been working on for the better part of the last decade. It was, well, ok to say the least, but definitely not KoЯn… However, it got our brains and mouths working at Wall of Sound HQ about the other bands that are well and truly overdue for new music right about now too. So we’ve put together our Top 7 Bands Overdue For New Music list, starting with:

#7 – Tool

We’d normally have these guys in the first spot but since they’ve been teasing and taunting us for well over 10 years, they’ve slipped back to last place… At least until we see more concrete evidence in the form of teases and/or music samples via the official band’s page and not their own personal pages.


#6 – Karnivool

It has been four years since the Perth boys released their last album AsymmetryFour years before that in 2009 they released Sound Awake. Annnnd four years before that in 2005 they released Themata. Can you see the pattern as well? Any day now we should start to hear some new music from the guys, considering we spoke to frontman Ian Kenny about the album’s progress in May last year, to which he stated:

“We’ve got enough songs (we think), maybe have to write a couple more, but it’s getting closer week by week. I just don’t know when we’re gonna have it done.”

Karnivool were announced for UNIFY Gathering 2019, playing what will be their first East Coast Show since 2016. It doesn’t say it’ll be an Exclusive Show which means they could be doing a few more gigs while they’re over here, so you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll have that new album or at least a new song behind them.


#5 – The Damned Things

The chances of Fall Out Boy‘s Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley, Anthrax‘s Scott Ian, Volbeat‘s Rob Caggiano and Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley + ex-guitarist turned guitar tech Josh Newton getting back together again soon is slim. Very fucking slim. But, in their spare time, there could be a possibility of the guys secretly working on new material for the supergroup metal band who produced one of the best album releases of 2010, Iconiclast. In an interview coming soon to Wall of Sound, the goatee’d Scott Ian skipped around the question in regards to a reformation of the band and didn’t deny if any new music could be on the way… Stay tuned for that, in the meantime check out the band’s hilarious video for ‘We’ve Got A Situation Here‘ from the aforementioned album


#4 – Violent Soho

They premiered a New Song called ‘Pick It Up Again‘ during their Big Pineapple Festival performance back in May (our festival coverage here) but nothing has followed on from that huge news, not even a single release. So, like Karnivool before, it could only be a matter of days (not years) until we finally hear some good news about the Soho lads return to the music business. Until then, take a listen to the new song below


#3 – Angels & Airwaves

Tom Delonge isn’t just chasing aliens these days, he’s also working on music for the various projects with his company To The Stars… including his Non-Fiction books, graphic novels, movies and comics. He’s also stated he was getting the ‘Dream Team’ back together for a new Angels & Airwaves album featuring David Kennedy, Matt Wachter and Ilan Rubin. You can hear a sample of a song he’s been working on here, but until the finished project lands in our inbox/ears, it’s still a pipedream at this point.


#2 – Architects

Their latest single ‘Doomsday‘ was an absolute masterpiece and it is so hard to believe we’re coming up to a year since it was unleashed upon the world too, but we are still yet to have anything follow it up. Not even an album announcement. The guys are working on new music though and it’s just a matter of time before they’re ready to pass the great news onto us. There’s no point holding your breath though, just listen to ‘Doomsday‘ a couple hundred more times while you wait.


and the winner is…


#1 – Killer Be Killed

Australia has a great relationship with Killer Be Killed, we are the FIRST and ONLY country who has ever seen these guys live on stage together. The boys played at the 2015 Soundwave Festival and were met with wide, open arms and metal horns at every set. With Greg Puciato no longer in The Dillinger Escape Plan (RIP), that frees up more time with him. Troy Sanders was on Mastodon duties recently, Max Cavalera is gearing up to release his new Soulfly album, Ben Koller is floating between bands at the moment, most recently he released an album with hardcore punk band The Armed in 2017 and Juan Montoya is hanging out with MonstrO not doing too much.

When we caught up with Max Cavalera on our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast exactly one year ago today, he stated:

“The minute we have time off between our projects next year… we are gonna get together again and make the killer second record everyone is waiting [for].”

So could they already be finished this elusive second album they’ve been teasing since 2016? And if so, will they be touring on the back of it or giving more fans across the globe the chance to see them all on stage together? Either way, things are looking good for a follow up KBK album and we hope we’ll start seeing signs of it soon…

How’d we go, anything missing you think should have been on the list? You know where to address your attention/anger/distaste, our Wall of Sound FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages.

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