Take a listen to a new Angels & Airwaves demo

Tom Delonge. You either love him for what’s he’s trying to do with his life and how he wants to be something more than just the co-frontman of blink-182, an internationally recognised pop punk band… or you’re wrong. But the good news with all of his work with To The Stars… is that he’s still making music with Angels & Airwaves for his various books and graphic novels and we’ve finally got our hands on a sample of what’s to come.

Without knowing the extent of Tom’s current contracts and obligations, my guess still is that he can’t make any new music outside of AvA because everything he creates has to be for his projects to coincide with their releases, hence why he couldn’t be involved with another new blink record. His last two EPs with AvA …Of Nightmares (2015) and Chasing Shadows (2016) featured some pretty bloody good tracks akin to that of his earlier work with Angels & Airwaves but since then, we haven’t heard anything else besides some reworked classics for the acoustic release of We Don’t Need To Whisper.

However, a few hours ago Tom Delonge teased on his Instagram account a new song he’s been working on for an upcoming AvA project which he’s assured fans will feature longtime members Matt Wachter, Ilan Rubin and David Kennedy and so far so good. It seems he’s making a return to the guitars predominately and not relying on the heavy synth he used for the band’s last album The Dream Walker (2014).

What do you think? Its only the early stages so far but are you keen AF for new music from one of the best songwriters of our generation? I sure as fuck am.

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