Behold, the New Chelsea Grin…

Some bands chop and change their lineups more times than you change underwear in a year, but it’s how they come out on the other side that really counts and proves they’re continuing the legacy of the band. Not too long ago frontman Alex Koehler, the last original member of Chelsea Grin departed/was evicted from the band and both parties stated it was alcohol abuse that lead to the decision of them moving forward without him.

Alex, who now goes under the name of Grudges (@AKGrin), has moved on with his life and is in the process of making his own musical endeavors, while the band have taken on former Lorna Shore frontman Tom Barber, who joined them in studio to record their latest album Eternal Nightmare whilst Alex was in recovery. (You can read both statements below and catch up).

Fast forward through all the drama and the band have finally released their first single from their new era called ‘Hostage‘ which (as expected) is already dividing fans. Despite the drama that ensured, bands need to move on and I for one think this new sound for the band still pays respect to their roots, while offering a fresh approach for new and existing fans. However, I’m part of those on the fence about the band continuing with the same name, especially since there are no more founding members. I know this happens alot (Thin Lizzy, Gwar, Heart), but there’s just something about continuing in a band without any original members that kinda has a ‘cover band’ feel to it, especially when playing songs that none of the current members had a part in writing/recording.

Ok, I’ll get off my high horse now and let you make up your own minds. Check out the track below and brace yourself for the new album Eternal Nightmare which gets released on July 13th via Rise Records. Pre-Order here


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