Earth Caller’s brutally heavy truth behind new single ‘Exposed’ needs to be seen to be believed

We’re getting behind these legends as much as we can because their new music needs to be heard, but Earth Caller most brutal single from their new album Crystal Death (our review here) has a hectic backstory behind it.

Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast host Browny caught up with frontman Josh Collard for a chat about ‘Exposed‘ which he revealed is in fact about someone previously known to the band:

“Discussing what it’s about is a sensitive issue, it was written in a very intense situation that came about when we were creating the record. For legal reasons, I won’t say his name but we had a previous member of the band, who despite his presence and the work he did, just always seemed to do different things that let us down. So we had to thank him for the job that he’d done and move him along, and in that process came a very venomous and hate-filled situation, [where] he tried to blackmail and extort us.”

“I, obviously as the leader of the band, was the one who had to face those serious situations that he put forward to us. I navigated our way through it and we managed to come to a final agreement, [as] he was threatening to leak the album before it came out, so it got pretty dark and dangerous. But we made it to the other side and ‘Exposed’ [the single] is just me expressing what it was like to be in the band and having to deal with it.”

Check out the full interview from when Josh co-hosted Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall right here and check out the music video below.

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