Wall of Sound presents: “2017 YEAR IN REVIEW” – by Frenzal Rhomb’s Lindsay McDougall

What can be said about Frenzal Rhomb in 2017 that hasn’t been said before? No, seriously got you got anything? The band finally got their shit together and released a new album, they also took said album across the country (and even the world) to play songs for eager fans who have been waiting for the band’s injuries to heal and motivation to overtake the infamous punk rockers again so we can delve into a fresh era of the Rhomb. Oh and they scored an Aria Nomination too. So you can imagine the looks on our faces when Lindsay McDougall replied to our email to contribute again to our Wall of Sound 2017 Year in Review with…

The Top 5 Album of 2017

1. Propagandhi – Victory Lap
2. Ecca Vandal – Ecca Vandal
3. Peep Tempel – Joy
4. Clowns – Lucid Again
5. Frenzal Rhomb – The one we released this year [Hi-Vis High Tea]


The Top 5 Songs of 2017

1. Stella Donnelly – ‘Boys Will Boys’
2. Peep Tempel – ‘Constable’
3. Scabz – ‘Poor This Week’
4. Camp Cope – ‘The Opener
5. Ecca Vandal – ‘Future Heroine’


The Best Music Video of 2017

“Besides our one for ‘Cunt Act’? A.B. Original‘s ‘Report To The Mist’ for sure. Fucking harrowing and an accurate representation of what’s actually happening in Australia in 2017. Also a banger of a song. Watch it!”


The Best Gig You Saw in 2017

“Everyone’s probably saying this, but Midnight Oil in The Domain for sure. So many runners up though: Rammstein at Montebello Rockfest, Totally Unicorn every time they supported us on our tour, and so many of the opening bands like Being Jane Lane, Something Something Explosion and Scabz, soon to become everyone’s favourite band.”


Favourite Moment Your Band Had in 2017

“Finally releasing our new album! After a couple of years full of broken arms, various other illnesses and injuries and a little bit of songwriting we finally released Hi-Vis High Tea. The day it came out I was with my wife Jen at Uluru, one of the most amazing places on earth, so we set up a makeshift fancy table setting and got a little photo. It was quite a moment.”


Best Show Your Band Played in 2017

“The Hi-Vis High Tea shows all over Australia were great, but for sheer ridiculousness it’d have to be playing at Montebello Rockfest. The festival itself isn’t ridiculous, it’s excellent and full of legends like The Living End, Rammstein, Teenage Bottlerocket and more. What WAS ridiculous is because we only got on the show because the organiser was hitch-hiking in Mexico and the people who picked him up were playing Frenzal on the car stereo but had never seen us live; that’s how he heard us so then booked us AND flew the people who picked him up to the festival as well!”

“It was also ridiculous because it was our only show in North America for 15 years and we flew all the way to Montreal, drove to Montebello, played for HALF AN HOUR, and then flew home. See you in 2030 North America!”


What Are Most Looking Forward to in 2018?

“Releasing the next Frenzal album! Nah just kidding, that won’t be for decades. Just looking forward to playing more gigs with Frenzal, Dad Religion and on my lonesome; and of course looking forward to the tired bloated corpse of the patriarchal establishment being pushed off the cliff and into the seas of irrelevance forever.”

by Lindsay McDougall
Header Photo: Matt Walter/Warrell

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