The Getaway Plan – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 14th September @ The Triffid, Brisbane QLD

The Getaway Plan
The Triffid, Brisbane QLD
September 14th, 2017
Support: Harbours

In a world almost inundated with Anniversary Tours, it’s hard to keep up and check out some of the best, especially from bands in our own backyard, but the minute The Getaway Plan announced their Other Voices, Other Rooms tour, it was on like Donkey Kong to grab tickets and go.

Kicking off the night were Harbours from Melbourne, who have been scoring gigs here and there, accumulating fans along the way. For an upcoming band they sounded pretty decent and had potential, but were just missing that pull to catch my attention. Given time and more experience they’ll build up that and be able to play with the big guys and fellow upcomers like Endless Heights, but for me, their set was a miss.

Moving onto the main event, The Getaway Plan hit the stage for the first part of their two set experience playing songs from the albums Requiem and Dark Horses like ‘The Reckoning‘, ‘Move Along‘Dark Horses‘ and even had time for a cover for Fleetwood Mac’sDreams‘ which was a great way to ease us into nostalgia town. The band exited the stage announcing a 15 minute interval (aka beer time), but when they came back, we were ready.

Other Voices, Other Rooms was such a fantastic debut album, for me, it was the album which introduce me to the hardcore music scene and I for one was so stoked to hear these songs played one after another on something other than my iPod. Just like the album itself, the opening audio of ‘Other Voices/Other Rooms‘ immediately sent shivers down my spine and the band after a brief pause, got straight into ‘Streetlight‘ and holy shit those memories started flooding back. I immediately remember going to Thriller (Brisbane’s Hot Damn or Bang equivalent) when it was at Rosies and all the people I met along the way because of that place. Everything sounded great, frontman Matt Wright‘s high notes were on point and the faces he made whilst singing, replicated the same ones the crowd were making as they sang along. Guitarist Clint Ellis played to perfection all night while swinging his curly red hair around. The Maio brothers (Dan on Drums, Mike on Bass) fit in like they had been playing with the band since day one and everything was feeling right… until the screams came about. This was the most critical moment for me, as I remember I hated screaming in music until I heard this song and unfortunately, they weren’t there. The Triffid is the BEST venue in Brisbane for bands but I did not get any satisfaction of hearing those raw, energetic screams I remember from the album which was a shame.

Thinking it might have been a one off I let it slip but during the next song ‘Sleep Spindles‘ the same thing happened, there’s one part of the song that’s entirely screamed and the majority of it was sung by the crowd as the band played along with Matt returning to sing his clear words perfectly. In saying that, songs without screaming like ‘New Medicine (Stay With Me)‘, ‘Shadows‘ and the epic closer of ‘Where The City Meets The Sea‘ were fine pieces of work which sounded just like the CD I still own so much props to the band for that.

The night ended with the band exiting the stage briefly, only to return for one more song in the form of the first track the band ever wrote ‘Strings‘ which went off. Following this, the swam of fans made their way into the street outside, reminiscing of a time when we were young, dumb and full of… high hopes. Great night if you enjoyed the band’s melodic side of their heavier side, but for me, the best experience of seeing The Getaway Plan will always be Big Day Out 2009 or El Grande Festival 2013 in Gladstone where I proceeded to do squats with some random bloke on my shoulders during the bands entire set.

Review by Browny @brownypaul 

Photo Gallery by Benji Alldridge.
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The Getaway Plan

getaway plan

The Getaway Plan – Other Voices, Other Rooms Anniversary Tour
with Harbours

Sept 15th @ The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Sept 16th @ Long Jetty Hotel, Long Letty

Sept 17th @ The Basement, Canberra

Sept 22nd @ The Gov, rAdelaide

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