Cradle of Filth touring Australia in May 2018

Gothic death metal legends Cradle of Filth are set to make their triumphant return to Australia next year according to frontman Dani Filth. The band are expected to hit our shores in May 2018 after the iconic singer told Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall host Browny during the pair’s recent interview:

“I have the dates actually in front of me on my computer. I can’t tell you what the dates are because my managers a stickler for synchronicity and he wants it all to be properly announced… But I can tell you it will definitely be in May, the first half of May.”

The filthy ones will release their latest album Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay on September 22nd via Nuclear Blast Records (Pre-Order here) and Dani will co-host on Episode #11 of our weekly podcast Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall which is out next week. Find out if he’s still banned from The Vatican and if the band plan on releasing a new age edition of their infamous “Jesus is a Cunt” T-shirt.

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  1. Not toured since 2013 will be great to finally see the new lineup. Knew that Oz tour was definitely planned and happy to see finally confirmed.

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