Architects frontman Sam Carter calls out scum who groped female crowd surfer

In a world where music lovers are doing their best to unite and make shows a safe place for everyone, there’s still a number of scum fucks who believe it’s acceptable to disrespect punters who are there to have a good time, only now they’re getting called out for their misbehaviour.

The latest incident happened during an Architects show at a Dutch Music Festival where a female crowd surfer was sexually assaulted, only this time, frontman Sam Carter witnessed it and called the piece of shit out:

“So, I’ve been going over in my fucking mind about whether I should say something about what I saw in that last song…” he explained.

“I saw a girl, a woman, crowd surfing over here, and I’m not gonna point the fucking piece of shit out that did it, but I fucking saw you grab at her boob, I saw it, it is fucking disgusting and there is no fucking place for that shit.”

The crowd then erupts in applause and cheers for Carter who adds:

“It is not your fucking body and you do NOT fucking grab at someone. Not at my fucking show. So if you feel like doing that again, walk out there and fuck off and don’t come back!”

The speech was captured and shared on radio station NPO 3FM‘s twitter account and as you can see, everyone in attendance was in support for Sam and his stance. Not too long ago we had our own campaign in Australia called Your Choice which aims to make gigs a safe place for everyone, catch up and see how you can be apart of it.

Don’t be the scrum disrespecting women (or anyone) at shows. Everybody hates that guy! Our staff have had their own experiences with this and we highlighted the issue for not only attendees of shows but the people that have to work there too. Revisit that article here. But Bravo to Architects and Sam Carter.


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