Australian Live Music Lovers: It’s YOUR Choice – Everyone is Responsible.

The Australian Live Music scene is a great place for friends, new friends, band and acquaintances to meet in what we like to hope is a friendly and helpful environment, far removed from the days of people going out to deliberately start trouble. Unfortunately, we still have a ways to go before we can get to that point but a new imitative has been formed to help raise awareness and support for creating safer places for music lovers to attend and not come into any form of danger, abuse or negativity.

One of the best things I’ve witnessed at a metal show is the general acknowledgement that you’re there for a good time, to see a band play the songs you’ve connected with and catch up with other like minded fans who share the same interests. For those brave enough to venture the mosh, there is also an unwritten law that if someone falls, you help them get up as soon as possible to help prevent any injuries… But unfortunately there’s still some wankers who insist on hurting people deliberately, making others feel unwelcome or uncomfortable, even as far as putting staff down who are there to do their job as we highlighted a few months back when it personally happened to a few of our staff.

This behaviour is what needs to stop and with the crew behind Your Choice, they are hoping with enough support, the message will spread and Live Gigs/Music Venues can become a safe place one again for everyone. Be accountable for your actions, if you hurt someone, apologise. If it was intentional, give yourself an uppercut and leave immediately. If you notice someone needs help, try to give them a hand (where possible) and if it’s out of your potential, ask someone else to step in. Call out bad behaviour and take a stand, demand change.

The goal of Your Choice is to help influence a culture of positive behaviour through shared responsibility – together as industry organisers and patrons attending.
  • Everyone has the right to a good time, without the actions of the minority coming at personal and/or public expense. We want to see an inclusive, supportive, safe, fun time had by all.
  • Both organisers and patrons share responsibility in creating the safest and most enjoyable experience.
  • Our culture today demands a preventative conversation, not a reactive one. We want to start by focusing attention and growing awareness on what is acceptable and expected behaviour, not just telling people to be warey and vigilant or providing reactive solutions after the fact.
  • As a society, we all have a responsibility to encourage people to think harder about the impact their choices have on the wider community and we need to be vocal about this, calling it out when we see it
  • Efforts are required today to ensure our industry is protected and can continue to nurture the ideas of young cultural entrepreneurs and give young artists a space to develop and grow

“We here at Wall of Sound believe this is a fantastic initiative and support it 100%. The feeling of going to a show and leaving with a big smile on your face shouldn’t be marred by the fact someone has tried to ruin your night. Stick up for the little guys, look after your mates and most importantly, don’t be a dick.” – Wall of Sound Owner/Editorial Manager Paul ‘Browny’ Brown

With a stack of already in support venues, promoters, labels and more, Your Choice is already off to a great start, now all thats needed is you.


Your Choice invite all artists, festivals, companies (agents, promoters), venues, media, brands and fans to join this movement by changing their Facebook profile page to the Your Choice logo as a show of solidarity for the whole day on July 18th you can download the logo here: 

Feature Photo courtesy of Jerika Faithfull.

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