The Faceless’ manager EJ Shannon discusses future with the band following Australian Tour fallout

Earlier in the month all hell broke loose following a very public and furious argument between Soundworks Touring, death metal act The Faceless and their Manager EJ Shannon following their no-show whilst supporting The Black Dahlia Murder. Long story short, Soundworks Touring called out the band for missing several flights they had organised for them to make the first stop of the Australian tour, The Faceless then released a statement arguing issues beyond their control were the cause of their delay in arrival, but it was a comment from the band’s manager EJ which had everyone shaking their heads who had admitted he will no longer be working with the band following the situation they all were involved in.

We reached out to Mr Shannon on May 12th for a follow up statement and to get an update on his involvement with the band as of now, his response back to us over the weekend just been is as follows:

Firstly, what was your opinion of the statement they (The Faceless) made about delayed flights and stole equipment?

“They did lose all of their equipment and we had to buy all new equipment last minute. They were on a flight at one point and sat on the runway for five hours before the airlines cancelled the flight.”

Did the issue affect the rest of the bands on tour? How did they take the news?

“We have not been in direct contact with the other bands, but I’m sure it was a disappointment to them. The Faceless was very upset that it didn’t work out, and they told me that they hoped that the tour was still great for the other bands.”

Do you feel Soundworks Touring handled the situation as best as they could?

“I think Soundworks tried their best to handle the situation but there was only so much that anybody could do.”

You’ve stated you’re done with The Faceless as their manager, is that set in stone or if they get their shit together can you see the two of you repairing the business relationship?

“I am really hoping that the band and I can work things out in the future. They have hit a rough patch recently, but once their new album comes out and they start a new album cycle and start touring heavily again, I think things will go back to normal for The Faceless. And at that point, it would be great to work things out.”

Anything else you’d like to say to the Australian fans?

“To all of the fans in Australia I would like to say that Michael Keene has been telling me how upset he is that the band was not able to make it to Australia and New Zealand this time. He has told me many times that Australia is one of his favourite places in the world, and I know how excited he was to be going back. The Faceless has been discussing a way to make it up to their Australian fans, and they will definitely be back after their new album comes out.”

As they say, time heals all wounds and by the sounds of it, it’s only a matter of time before manager and band reunite to pick back up where things left off. What do you reckon, has the whole debacle left a sour taste in your mouth with the band? Will you see them next time or are you excited about the news of a new album?


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