MORALITY KOMBAT: The Faceless vs Soundworks Touring

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Round One, FIGHT!
Ok, let’s get you up to speed: Death metal act The Faceless were supposed to be joining The Black Dahlia Murder on their Australian Tour, organised by the guys at Soundworks Touring however they were a no-show at both their Perth and Adelaide dates and no one from the band had stated why or what was going on. Lots of angry fans who travelled far and wide to catch the band took to social media to express their disappointment after they were left in the dark with no explanation as to why they didn’t rock up.

Fed up with what was going on Soundworks Touring issued a statement on their Facebook page to let fans know what was going on:


Bam! First blood shed publicly and what a brutal beating they copped.. However you’d think that’d be the end of it explaining the situation and whats going on but as we all know there’s always two sides to every story and today The Faceless finally spoke out:

kombat dodge

Nice dodge… So now we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place with two different sides of the fight, both with their own opinions of what’s really happening. Then out of nowhere, The Faceless‘ band manager EJ Shannon had his opinion on the situation when he issued his own statement about the band on Facebook:

“Hey everyone, The Faceless’ manager here. I would like to publicly address the situation with The Faceless and this post.

The Faceless has missed four flights that I have booked to get them to Indonesia/Australia/NZ. I have given them every opportunity to make it overseas and play the shows that they should be playing right now. I have been on the phone with the band for 8+ hours every day for the past week, telling them that they NEED to get on their flights and play these shows, and trying to figure everything out and make their AUS tour happen. Without going into too much detail, the band just simply was not prepared for these shows.

When Soundworks says that they have been “lied to” they are referring to me calling them and saying “The Faceless is going to make it on their flight tonight. This time it will actually happen” four different times. Unfortunately, every time that I have told them that, the band has missed their flight.

The members of The Faceless have not personally been in contact with Soundworks at all. I have been the messenger between Soundworks and the band. This is why Soundworks is calling me out on this post when they should actually only be calling out the band. I too have done everything in my power to bring the band to Australia for their shows.

Two days ago after The Faceless missed their fourth flight, I called the band and told them that I will not be managing them anymore. The Faceless has hurt a lot of people by missing these shows. They have hurt the fans, Soundworks, me, and everybody else involved in organizing the shows that have been booked for this month. They have also unfairly hurt my reputation as a manager. So until The Faceless gets it together, I will not be managing them. I am really hoping that the band can get things worked out so that they are prepared to tour again in the near future, at which point I will gladly start managing them again. I have done everything that I can for this band, and I would love to see them succeed. The members of The Faceless are great people, and they have become some of my best friends. I love them, and want to help them. Unfortunately, they just don’t have it together right now.” – E.J. ShannonThe Faceless‘ Manager

kombat both win

BOOM!! You’d think that’d be the end of it but something tells us this fight is far from over just yet… Also we were at The Black Dahlia Murder‘s show last night and there was quite a bit of shade being thrown around about the band and the fact they hadn’t shown up for any of the dates… Catch up on that with our Gig Review & Photo Gallery here.

We’ve since reached out to Mr Shannon for further statement regarding the ongoing issue… Stay tuned for Round 2 more!

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