Tom Delonge is reforming Boxcar Racer… Here’s the proof!

Musician. Writer. Alien Hunter. Musical Inspiration. Legend. Is there anything Tom Delonge can’t do?

Turns out the man behind blink-182Angels & AirwavesPoet AndersonSekret Machines, To The Stars… and so on, has been in a pretty giving mood online lately, especially on his Social Media accounts where he’s proactively been interacting with fans, discussing his love for fellow Australian indie-rock singer Amy Shark

…and kinda/sorta getting us all hyped about the chance of a possible reunion for Boxcar Racer. Now we know the band’s 2002 Self Titled album celebrated it’s 15 Year Anniversary recently and an Official Facebook page was FINALLY set up to coincide with this release, but a series of posts from the main have indicated there may be something brewing behind the scenes…

#1 – New Music Coming

On his own Facebook fan Page Tom stated he’s getting ready to start making music again, no further details about which band or what project it’s for…

#2 – Heading on Tour?

He’s also stated he’s getting the itch to play again… Live we can only assume from the pic provided but with whom and where? We last saw Tom in Australia when blink-182 performed on the Soundwave Festival in 2013, along with their sideshows. AvA performed the year before that. But could a Boxcar reunion/anniversary tour be on the cards? Almost every other band are doing it, so why not them? And if so, will it make it’s way down under considering fellow band member Travis Barker won’t fly here?

#3 – Playing old songs on Instagram

Earlier in the week he took to Instagram Live to chat to fans and play ‘Watch the World’, an old Boxcar song (for those playing at home). In the video he was talking about songs he recorded using the acoustic guitar he had with him at the time before busting out the classic track. Coincidence? Maybe. YouTube user heyithinkitsfucking uploaded the session in multiple videos on their account. But check out the song below

#4 – Discussions with Travis Barker

During the fallout of Tom’s very public ousting/exit from blink back in 2015, Travis Barker had some rather angry words to say at the time about his former band mate, and rightfully so, the band were scheduled to play at Travis’ Musink Festival until Tom said he couldn’t anymore, therefore resulting in the band hiring Matt Skiba to fill in and, well you know the rest of that story… Earlier this week it turns out the pair have been chatting and things are a bit more serious than just a usual catch up chat.

#5 – Fan Opinion for Boxcar Racer album guests

This is a curly one, you don’t wanna get your hopes up too much but if Tom’s asking who we (as fans) would want to feature on a metaphorical Boxcar Racer album, this has to stem from somewhere? The original album featured a slew of guest vocals including Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory, Tim Armstrong of Rancid and Mark Hoppus of blink-182 (ha!), so in saying that, this couldn’t exactly be a grasping at straws circumstance.

So where does this leave us? A LOT of talk up in the air, however most fingers are pointing to Boxcar which could potentially be a mind blowing experience for fans across the globe. Imagine this… a blink-182, Angels & Airwaves and Boxcar Racer triple billed World Tour. Stranger things have happened…

But where do you stand? Are you keen to see more new music and possible tours from the one album wonder band? Or should they remain laid to rest so the memory of one of the most iconic and infamous bands lives on through their music and legacy?

I for one vote for the Blink-waves Racer World Tour

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  1. Anonymous // August 9, 2018 at 2:49 pm //

    A new untitled/boxcar pastiche album from blink…. Whatever it is make it happen!! The x’s of the five arrow wielding smiley face reminds of so much love as the lyrics are….

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