Box Car Racer release 15th Anniversary Vinyl in time for Record Store Day

You know those bands that come out of nowhere, release one album, then fuck off never to be seen or heard from again? Well that’s pretty much the story of Box Car Racer, the Tom Delonge/Travis Barker blink-182 side project formed in 2001 when Tom wanted to start a band with more mature themes compared to the fun joking style he had in blink.

Well the band’s debut album was a stand out stellar release which gained much more traction than anyone ever imagined. The band toured, released music videos and started becoming a household name, all while Mark Hoppus felt betrayed his bandmates had started something without him when they brought in David Kennedy to play (Note: At first Travis was only used as a studio drummer to save money).

The band called it quits so Tom and Travis could head back to focus their time on blink-182 and David focused his time on his other band Over My Dead Body until the infamous blink fallout which later spawned the band Angels & Airwaves featuring Tom & David alongside Atom Willard and Ryan Sinn.


Fast forward to 2017 and an Official Box Car Racer Facebook Page was made with teasing all this week alluding to something happening behind the scenes. Turns out it’s the 15th Anniversary Vinyl Release of the band’s iconic album. Pre-Orders are taking place right now [here] with an option for a signed copy. Fans can get early access with the code: FRIENDSOFBOXCAR. You’re welcome by the way. Don’t miss out, or you may… “Feel So Mad, Feel So Angry”

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