Tom Delonge takes aim at false media reports; Claims he’s in talks to record and tour with Blink-182

Another day, another glimmer of hope that Tom Delonge will rejoin Blink-182 once he finishes saving the world from an alien invasion… oh wait, thats the plot for Independence Day… Anyway, certain news sites reported the reason Tom left Blink was so he could search the galaxy for UFOs, which he’s come out this morning (on Facebook) and denied yet again.

As mentioned he’s apparently in talks with drummer Travis Barker about recording and touring, once he finishes his obligations with his current projects (Poet Anderson & Sekret Machines). The way I see it, he’s contractually obligated to release music for his novel projects and any form of music he creates must coincide with their release. Hence why he couldn’t sign on for the new Blink record straight away. Give it a couple more years and once his workload his subsided he’ll be able to put more time into the band once again.

However you can understand the frustration of bassist Mark Hoppus and Travis wanting to put out music as soon as possible because it had been so long since their last full length record (2011‘s Neighborhoods). Call me deluded all you want but I still believe there’s hope all will be right in the Blink-182 camp down the track. Other projects must be completed first before that can happen.

No word yet from Travis Barker in regards to the claims they’re in talks together, but I guess we’ll wait and see. In the mean time, take a look at our Top 7 blink-182 Music Videos of All Time article and tell us if we nailed it or not!

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