Dana Roskvist – Sydonia (Pre Tour Q & A)

Last but by no means least in our quickfire hatrick of bands that are touring together from this Friday night, Sydonia‘s front man and guitarist, Dana Roskvist smashed out his answers to some questions on tour life, the band and a few off the cuff tid bits.

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jericco banner1.) How did your band name come about?
Adam (Adam Muraay – bass) and I were watching this ex cop/guru/slightly crazy friends conspiracy videos and there was one about the face and pyramid shapes on Mars, a site called Cydonia. We looked at each other and at the same time went… that’d be a cool name.

2.) Every band has had a complete ‘stuff up’ here or there across their history, whether it was when they first started playing or perhaps more recent times. What is your band’s funniest moment on stage?
At the Charlotte North Carolina show whilst we were on tour with Stone Sour in the U.S. we had no foldback for twenty minutes, broke strings and to top it all off Sean (Sean Bailey – Drums) put his kick pedal right through his kick drum on the 2nd to last song, which in turn became our last song. There was another time when our old guitarist, Sam (Sam Haycroft – former guitarist) had borrowed a dress, and it was then taken off of him and he was naked.

3.) Who is the ‘coolest’ artist you have ever met in your travels, be it with your time in the band or otherwise?

4.) What has been the weirdest request you’ve ever been asked for by a fan to any band member?
Hmmm.. I think we’ll keep that one private. Sorry.

5.) You’re on the tour bus and just been handed the iPod, what’s the next 5 songs you choose?
Something new- anything by Kowloon Walled City.
Something oldish- Fleetwood Mac, The Green Manalishi with the Two Pronged Crown.
Something favourite- Smashing Pumpkins, Hummer.
Something beautiful – Isis, anything off Panopticon.
Something heavy – Gojira, Toxic Garbage Island.

6.) Every person has a ‘guilty pleasure’ song or artist that you may not want the world to know. It’s time to open your closet…who is it and why?
Paul Simons Graceland Album… it’s a happy place thing and I’m not ashamed.

7.) Tour life can be a mission sometimes getting a decent feed, what’s the worst thing you’ve eaten on the road with the band?
Fish burger near Adelaide one… not cooked through.

8.) The Frenzal Rhomb drummer, Gordy Forman famously broke his arm stage diving in Perth earlier this year – still the band carried on, swapping positions and completing the set. Has there ever been a stage injury of any kind for any band member in your history and if so, did you complete your set?
Adz once broke a stick playing percussion and it flew off the drum and stuck broken end first into his arm. He was yelling at me, so I rung out a chord and ripped the bloody object out of him.

9.) Think way back, what was the first album you ever purchased?
It was either Icehouse’s Man of Colours of Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet. On cassette.

10.) Finally, what was the first band you ever purchased a ticket to and saw live?
Icehouse, in Christchurch Nu Zulland.

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* No Sydonia

I summed up this band back in 2014 upon seeing them live for the first time, “Sydonia are the real deal, both their albums are incredible and on stage they are on another level. Deserving of higher honours nationally and internationally, if you missed out this national tour, don’t miss this band next time they are in town. Superb.”

Simply – not be missed.