Texas Thrasher’s Life Cycles Bring The Crossover Heat With ‘Serpent’s Kiss’

Hailing from the heart of Texas, crossover-thrash titans Life Cycles have dropped a brand new single and all the details of their upcoming EP, Portal To The Unknown.

Absolutely heater ’Serpent’s Kiss’ is a potent mix of classic thrash metal filtered through the intensity of modern hardcore. Whip-crack riffs, screaming leads, bone-snapping grooves and throat-tearing vocals are the name of the game here, with the first taster of their fourth EP a clear sign of aggression to come.

With an obvious love for classic metal acts like Slayer, Pantera and Testament, Life Cycles’ respect for the past – while keeping an eye on the future – serves as an obvious bridge for heavy music fans across generations and sub-genres.

Dropping on February 22nd, 2024 through 1126 Records, Portal To The Unknown will be a must-listen for fans of fellow Texans Power Trip and I AM. We’ve not even entered the new year, and 2024 already has some pure fire waiting for metalheads!

Words by Andrew Kapper

Pre-order Portal To The Unknown here

Life CyclesPortal To The Unknown tracklisting

1. Portal To The Unknown
2. Haunting Spirit
3. Sanctioned Territory
4. End Of Days
5. Death From Above
6. Serpent’s Kiss