Better Lovers Blast Back with New Belter ‘Two Alive Amongst The Dead’

Just four months after unleashing the chaotic math-metalcore EP God Made Me An Animal and on guitarist/main songwriter Jordan Buckley’s Birthday, the mayhem-making quintet have returned with a new single ‘Two Alive Amongst The Dead’. Lookout this track hosts a vicious bite.

Although nothing is confirmed on whether the track will feature on any of The Walking Dead spin-off series or The Last Of Us, as the song’s title slightly suggests. There is a stirring sprinkling featured in the near three-minute bombardment of intensity that tips the five-piece’s collective cap to an award-winning soundtrack collaborator in Trent Reznor.

After a brazen bass twanging courtesy of Steve Micciche, a ticking timebomb of percussion by Clayton Holyoak and an aggressive atmospheric guitar combination from Will Putney and Mr Buckley – a seizing slide (assumedly) from the birthday boy ignites the dynamite that is ‘Two Alive Amongst The Dead’. It is at this juncture that vocalist Greg Puciato takes the reins of this meteoric metal horse and the fantastically familiar Better Lovers thrashing gallops at full pace.

Certainly more parts Every Time I Die than The Dillinger Escape Plan, the recipe still exists as a crazed coalescence of the former adored outfits – but it is the further exploration that is most intriguing. Just after the 30-second mark, a melody creeps in that recalls earlier Nine Inch Nails which Mr Puciato’s voice suits eerily well and to a flawless degree. DEP were known for their NIN adoration having collaborated live together and covering Mr Reznor’s cherished single ‘Wish’. While the chorus (?) is not industrial per se, that vintage erraticism of the ‘Nails encroaches in remarkably.

The southern-driven noisecore is also prevalent as expected and in brilliant fashion; this is excellently escalated by the thrash metal energy that the EP showcased so well. Approaching the two-minute mark, the five men hit full flight with a brutiful breakdown section. This, in all honesty, acts as just a teaser before the real beast version is unbound 15 seconds later in fury with Greg bellowing “I Will Never Let You In” – cue the mosh madness, it snarls at the listeners’ souls.

on the new standalone single, Greg adds:

“This song is about saying fuck you to the societal and institutional pressure to fall for “me versus you”/”us versus them” divisional tactics and realizing that we’re stronger when we remember the ways we’re the same, trying to find commonalities instead of differences. Understanding and finding compassion for one another instead of allowing ourselves to be separated and controlled. Brothers and sisters. Pieces of the same consciousness.”

A delightful and delicate downward spiral closes the track, with a ghoulish sung harmony of the same line that fades over a spacey reverberation. The statement is given its industrial affirmation astonishingly with an embellished echo.

The EP is called God Made Me An Animal (our review here). Fans worldwide will be screaming: “Gods, Make Me An Album!

Words by Will Oakeshott @TeenWolfWill

Stream ‘Two Alive Amongst The Deadhere

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