Introducing: PSYCHO-FRAME With Second 2023 Campaign ‘The Plot to Nuke the Midwest’

Psycho-Frame 2023

Deathcore supergroup anyone? This new age of breakdown-spilled sonic fury has been stupendous. If you’re a fan of genre-bending outfits Moodring and Vatican, you’ll want to pay attention. Members of these bands have joined forces to go full-psychotic on a new project that is sweeping the heavy music world by storm, just after one EP. For fans of Darko US, ten56. and END, keep reading.

Whether you sweat either of the bands listed above or not, you’d be doing yourself a significant disservice by letting PSYCHO-FRAME pass you by. The now five-piece released debut EP REMOTE GOD SEEKER earlier this year, and it will absolutely destroy you from front-to-back. It is one of the most ridiculous debuts I’ve personally ever heard, with the production and mixing at a calibre beyond many of the records coming out right now. With mindblowing singles like ‘24 HOURS LEFT‘ and ‘DRAGGING NAZARENE‘, you’ll be left nothing less than shell-shocked.

With a progressive art-form approach, likened to that of peers like Darko, one release for the year wasn’t quite enough for PSYCHO-FRAME, so they’ve come out the gate with lead-single for their sophomore EP, which is set for release sometime in the Aussie summer.

The Plot to Nuke the Midwest‘ has arrived, and you’ll want to turn the volume up for this one. The three-minutes of chaos kicks in suddenly with the same veracity as their EP. With incessant blast-beats and beastly high and low vocals tearing through the instrumental mayhem, PSYCHO-FRAME are showcasing the next step in their “internal deathcore trance” as they call it. Wait for that nasty breakdown on this tune and cool down with a wet towel afterwards.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Psycho-Frame The Plot To Nuke The Mid-west

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