The Browning Is Incurable On Lethal Single, ‘Poison’

All it takes is a spark and The Browning jolt to life, a power-plant of metal massacres and electronica. On ‘Poison,’ the band battles system failure and short-circuits, trying to prevent a deadly sickness from creeping in… Countless impulses trigger animal instincts and the four-piece bites into pulverizing slam, frenzied production, and caustic vocals; carefully meted out over three minutes, this track is one that’s sure to leave the listener feeling green.

Very few bands can claim such a modern, tasteful sound–while [also] sprinting fast and furious towards their 20th anniversary… But cue The Browning, metalcore kings of Kansas City, [Missouri]! Since 2005, founder and composer Jonny McBee–alongside a rotating cast of rappers, rascals, and rockers–have been searching for the right recipe of “industrial-electronic-rock-metal”––a vision typified on Geist (2018) and brought to a violent head on End of Existence (2021). Always in motion, ‘Poison’ features Cody Stewart behind the kit, metal ambassador and Youtube star Hardcore Keem (Akeem Bivens) on strings, and of course, McBee devouring the mic as [per] usual.

This track is caustic, I’m talking wave after wave of angst and ire… A vile voice sets the tone, but quickly introduces bubbly electronics (counterintuitive, but it works)! I guess experimental music makes strange bedfellows? The middle of the tune runs a gauntlet of pig-squeals and sinister slam, showing the band at their most brutal! Rounding the two minute mark, carnage ensues–guitar falling like concrete from the sky, consuming the track until it’s dying breath…

There’s no hope of rest or remedy, so just swallow the poison… What’s the worst that could happen?

Words by Thomas Hiscock

Stream ‘Poison’ here