In This Moment Mesmerise with Cover of Bjork’s ‘Army Of Me’  

It’s hard to believe that LA’s In This Moment could get any cooler with their otherworldly vibes and grungy yet hard-hitting sound, but they’ve gone and done it. The band have released the third single from upcoming eighth studio album GODMODE – a slithering cover of Bjork’s ‘Army Of Me’ 

“Mother” figure and frontwoman Maria Brink explains that she has been a huge Bjork fan since she was a teenager, which frankly makes a lot of sense.   

“I was mesmerized by her. She has a really inspiring energy to a lot of her stuff, an enlightening feeling. She’s just so innovative and groundbreaking and inspiring and magical.” 

The cover stays true to the mid-nineties industrial sound of the original while adding heavier elements that absolutely suit the song to a tee. It’s hard to imagine a better song for this band to cover, and they have done well to make it their own.   

Music can sometimes feel like Groundhog Day, with a new copy of the same type of band forming each second, but In This Moment is the antidote. If you’re looking for something different (and rad!), you’ll want to get around this band and prepare for the October 27th release of GODMODE

Stream ‘Army Of Me’ here 

Pre-order GODMODE here

In This Moment– GODMODE tracklisting

1. Godmode
2. The Purge
3. Army Of Me
4. Sacrifice
5. Skyburner
6. Sanctify Me
7. Everything Starts And Ends With You
8. Damaged (Feat. Spencer Charnas)
9. Fate Bringer
10. I Would Die For You

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