Bloom Drop Their Heaviest Song Yet Titled ‘Bound To Your Whispers’ + Announce Pure Noise Records Signing

With their appearance at this year’s edition of Good Things Festival fast approaching, Sydney-based melodic hardcore outfit Bloom are back in our ears with blisteringly heavy new single ‘Bound To Your Whispers‘. This new track coincides with the announcement that the 5-piece have signed to Pure Noise Records, finding themselves in the company of CounterpartsThe Amity AfflictionKnocked Loose and more within the Pure Noise family.

Touching on something that a lot of us can relate to, the song tackles the challenges of negative self-talk and the struggle to find the voice of reason that coincides with the struggles of anxiety, the band explains further:

“This song is written as dialogue between the two internal voices, the protagonist is manipulated by their own thoughts, falling into a false sense of security”

The song itself is a heavy display of the fine work that this young band manages to produce. The ebbs and flows between frontman Jono Hawkey and clean vocalist Jarod McLaren is exemplary. Chugging guitars speak volumes as they add infinite depth to this offerings true meaning, particularly throughout the breakdown.

Make sure you head to Good Things as well as Thornhill‘s upcoming Prom Queen City tour, to catch ‘Bound To Your Whispers‘ played in full.

Words by Adam Rice

Stream ‘Bound To Your Whispers‘ here

Bloom Bound To Your Whispers 2023 pure noise

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