Invent Animate Return With LP Title-Track ‘Heavener’ Following Aussie Tour

Invent Animate 2023

Fresh off their first ever Australian tour with We Came As Romans, Invent Animate are back with a new tune. After bursting with prog-metal breakdowns across the country this month, it’s fair to say that the Texan boys are on their absolute A-game at the moment; particularly vouching for their one and only Aussie headliner in Melbourne (remarkable scenes).

The four-piece demonstrated their talents to play Heavener hits and are now back with some new heavenly music for us. In unexpected news, Invent Animate have not released title-track ‘Heavener‘ as a B-side, but rather felt it was missing after releasing the album (see the comments from the band below).

Let’s get stuck into it. The near-five minute tune is one of their softer tracks with vocalist Trey Celaya showcasing his impeccable singing abilities across Invent Animate‘s truly remarkable ambient soundscape. With a steady build into a gorgeous hook, the band maintain the melodic calm before giving fans a taste of some metalcore madness towards the end.

On the single, vocalist Marcus Vik comments:

“In a time of internal panic, having a person that constantly reminds you that they have a place of home, can be crucial when trying to bring someone down to earth again. The song ‘Heavener’ is about reassurance, it’s about trying to convince your closest person that you see and hear them in their internal and helpless drift. A lot of love and pain goes into the work of showing the one closest to you that only they can create their own internal heaven, as they are their own ‘Heavener.'”

Guitarist Keaton Goldwire adds:

“We actually had a few ‘B sides’ sitting around but we’re really stubborn in thinking that the next thing we write will always be better than the thing before. Caleb had the idea to make a song titled ‘Heavener’ after the record was done and I got to work trying to make a song that seemed like it encompassed the feeling of the album as a whole. Going into the lyrics, Marcus, too, wrote a song that defined Heavener for him, since it’s not necessarily one idea or thing. We wanted to try our best to wrap everything up into one song as a sort of ‘end credits,’ so to speak.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Heavenerhere

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