Ibaraki Unleashes Music Video for Almost 8-Minute Monster ‘Jigoku Dayū’


With the announcement that Trivium are on hiatus until 2025, Matthew K Heafy has wasted no time filling the void with a brand new Ibaraki music video.

Taken from his 2022 album, RASHŌMON, ‘Jigoku Dayū’ features Heafy moving from folk to black metal across the tune’s enormous almost eight minutes.

The lyrics depict a Japanese legend, captured in the painting Jigoku Dayū. Heafy describes a woman who is enslaved and crafts a kimono with scenes of hell, a metaphor for her imprisonment.

Ibaraki stands as a unique achievement among black metal, with black metal icon Ishan helping Heafy tap into his Japanese heritage to forge a different kind of lyrical and sonic legacy.

With Trivium taking a break, could Ibaraki’s second album arrive sooner than we think?

Words by KJ Draven (Twitter X and Instagram).

Stream ‘Jigoku Dayūhere

Listen to the album RASHŌMON here

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