Alex Koehler (ex-Chelsea Grin) Is Returning with A New Band & Taylor Barber (Left To Suffer) Split EP

2018 marked the year that Chelsea Grin’s original vocalist and founder Alex Koehler, stepped down from vocal duties to focus on his newfound sobriety as he battled his substance abuse-related demons. It was at this point in time that the new face of Chelsea Grin, Tom Barber departed his band Lorna Shore, which he founded in 2009 to focus on his new role as frontman of CG from which they have continued to prosper and enjoy continual success.

Koehler has spent a number of years out of the spotlight, but it looks as if that’s about to change.

Wall of Sound recently had the opportunity to sit and speak with Left To Suffer/Project: Vengeance vocalist, and all round good guy Taylor Barber at their Vancouver show (review here) discussing his current musical endeavours and when Taylor was questioned about his online teasing of working on a project with Koehler, he replied:

“Not to spill his beans too early but he is making another band and so our project is kind of on hold for now but we are doing a little four song EP where he and I are doing split vocals. I think we have like three songs done. It’s slow because I am on tour and he is recording for his new band that he has put together with the old guitarist of Chelsea Grin. It’s pretty sick, I love Alex, he is one of my boys. I was honestly a fan of his for the longest time.”

Koehler’s return is more than welcomed and we cannot wait to hear more developments on these new projects that he is working on, and that four-track with the beast that Taylor Barber is…

Full interview coming soon…

Words by Adam Rice

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