Poppy Takes Us For A Ride With New Single ‘Motorbike’

Poppy Motorbike 2023

At Wall of Sound, we have made it no secret that we are a fan of Poppy. This eclectic and experimental heavy queen has continued to bring us banger after banger, and with a new album on the horizon, we are in a frenzy with the release of her new single ‘Motorbike’.

The follow-up release after the singles ‘Church Outfit’ and ‘Knockoff’, these previews into her upcoming album further prove that Poppy will always be that artist who does what she wants when she wants. Never fitting into the box, her flittering between heavy genres of both metal and electro always keeps us guessing what is next.

Motorbike’ does just that. The sultry tune may combine an almost-pop summer electro beat that would not be out of place in the mid-00s top 40 charts. Catchy and fun- it will be interesting to see how this track fits into the rest of the album. Either way, it is sexy and refreshing and drops just in time to be an Australian Summer banger (sorry Northern Hemisphere).

It isn’t as heavy as past tracks but the music video of a leather-clad Poppy riding down the streets is pretty damn metal. It is definitely enough to have you chomping at the bit for the release of her next album Zig on October 27th.

Words by Kayla Hamilton (@kaylazomboid)

Stream ‘Motorbikehere.

Pre-order/save ZIG here

Poppy – ZIG tracklisting

1. Church Outfit
2. Knockoff
3. Hard
4. What It Becomes
5. Flicker
6. 1s+0s
7. Zig
8. Linger
9. The Attic
10. Motorbike
11. Prove it