Sienna Skies Re-Emerge From The Ashes with Comeback Track ‘Let It Burn’

Sienna Skies 2023 Let it Burn new song core

In a resounding return to the music scene, Australian metalcore act Sienna Skies has set the stage ablaze with their latest single ‘Let It Burn‘, marking the band’s triumphant return and officially ending the group four year long inactive status. The lads have been quiet since 2019 when we caught them on their nationwide tour celebrating the tenth anniversary of their debut album Truest of Colours so as you could imagine, the news of their return has us bouncing off the walls with excitement.

The Sydney-based five-piece burst onto the scene in 2009 and due to their clever riffs and relatable lyricism, they quickly gained a dedicated following. The group’s absence from the industry has left fans, both new and old hungry for more, making the release of new track ‘Let It Burn‘ all the more anticipated.

The single begins with melancholic keys setting a tone with hauntingly sorrowful clean vocals that shine a light on the pain that Australia’s infamous bushfires have caused in the past and the introspective themes of growth and transformation during those times. At 0:40 the band return to their heavy roots and begin to play on the fast tempo we have all come to know and love them for. The song is brought to life by the intricate guitar riffs and impressive drum fills that leave space for vocalist Thomas Pirozzi as he crushes both clean and unclean vocal duties, making this melodic metalcore track a perfect comeback tune for the group as they reinvigorate their sound in the modern age of metalcore.

Will this single lead to more music in the near future? Our fingers are crossed but only time will tell. For now though, let’s keep this banger on repeat until more announcements from the group come forth.

Welcome back Sienna Skies!

Words by Adam Rice

‘Let It Burn’ is due for release on Wednesday, September 6th.
Stream it here

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