Eli Sthapit – CIVIC ‘Enjoying The Best of Both Worlds at Thrashville’

CIVIC band 2023

This weekend the NSW Hunter Valley opens it’s arms and welcomes a new breed of hard rockin’ and metal punks to the Wonnarua region for Thrashville, two days of heavy music in a lush outback-esque setting.

After catching up with Mammal‘s Ezekiel Ox last week, our direction turns to fast-upcoming rockers CIVIC who’ll also be hitting the stage before jetting off to the US for a massive tour. We grabbed drummer Eli Sthapit for a chat about what to expect from the band’s highly anticipated set.

Welcome to WoS, CIVIC – the last time we caught up with you was when you supported Pennywise last year. What’s been happening since then?

Hey, yeah we’ve been touring and writing mostly. Went to UK/ Europe which was wild and just finished up our regional Aus tour

You’re on the lineup for Thrashville 2023, outside of playing, what are you most looking forward to within the festival world this year?

Seeing/meeting new bands and just having a good time, we’re keen to play more festivals they’re usually wild which we like.

You released your third album Taken By Force this year, how’s the reception been and which songs have gone off in a live setting?

The reception’s been amazing from everyone, good to see different types of crowds now starting to get amongst it and sing along, most of them go off so you’ll have to see for yourselves.

Following the festival you’re heading to the US for a massive tour – how long have you been planning this and how’s Civic HQ feeling about that fast approaching?

It’s always a place we’ve wanted to tour and after going to SXSW this year we kinda made our minds up that we have to do a proper tour this year, so it’s been in the works for a bit and we’re all excited and ready to get into it.

You’ll also be sharing a stage with The Bronx and Josh Scogin/’68 at the end of the year – on top of that dream lineup, who else are you manifesting as tour with in future?

Yeah that tour’s gunna be a bunch of fun no doubt. In terms of the future we’ll just have to wait and see but we’re always open to playing with whoever, we’ve got a few plans coming up we’re still yet to announce so will see what pops up.

Music festivals hold a very special place in our music loving hearts – Can you recall a fun festival experience you had as a punter and a patron?

Wide Awake Festival in London this year was sick, we played an earlier set time so we got to enjoy the best of both worlds and no doubt Thrashville’s going to be just as fun

Thrashville kicks off September 8th!

Thrashville 2023

September 8-9 @ Wonnarua, Hunter Valley NSW

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