Planisphere Exit Wonderland with Matrix-Inspired Jam ‘White Rabbit’

Planisphere band white rabbit

As heavy music continues dabbling with electronic and EDM elements, we’re coming across a vast array of new talent, trying their hands and the genre-crossing which has in recent years captivated the metal community.

Meet Planisphere who continue the journey of blending heavy with electronic elements, only this time, the song and video for ‘White Rabbit‘ is heavily inspired by The Matrix – adding an extra level of oomph to the final product. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported back to 1999 when you hear vocalist Lorcan Coates take centre stage with his alluring performance, but once the chorus comes, the rest of the band kick in and we’re met with an assault on the senses that’ll have you bending over backwards – yes, just like bullet time!

On the new release Lorcan shares:

“I was rewatching the first Matrix movie on my own, doing my homework before watching the reboot ‘Revelations’, and in the scene where Neo meets Trinity for the first time in the club I was just so in awe of the vibe I got really inspired and picked up my guitar, got a drum loop going, and wrote the main ‘White Rabbit’ riff within 5 minutes. I even took it a step further, wrote down Trinity’s dialogue in that scene, and picked the best lines to make up the first verse.”

So do you take the blue pill and continue on with the music you’ve always listened to, or do you take the red pill, and open your eyes and mind to the wonderful world of Planisphere?

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Planisphere is Dallas Choraziak (drums), Jai Snelling (keys), Lorcan Coates (guitar/vocals),  and Sarah Allen (bass)

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