Corey Taylor Turns The Riffs Up To 11 on Next CMF2 Single; ‘Talk Sick’

Corey Taylor 2023

You spotted his name on the Good Things Festival lineup without his main bands Slipknot or Stone Sour – so if you didn’t know already, Corey Taylor has gone solo with his second record CMF2 coming out on September 15 via BMG.

First two singles ‘Beyond‘ and ‘‘Post Traumatic Blues‘ showcased what Corey can do when he’s at the wheel of his own musical endeavours – which to be fair places itself somewhere between the aforementioned bands – and the latest offering hones in on the guitars alongside Taylor’s crooner-like vocal performance that will without a doubt draw a huge crowd to his stage at the big festival appearance at the end of the year.

There’s plenty of hard-rockin’ guitar solos, plenty of screams and Corey’s attitude all throughout this track, and I have a gut feeling this upcoming album may just be a surprise hit release of 2023.

Less reading, more playing. Get it India below!

Stream ‘Talk Sick’ here

Pre-Order CMF2 here


Corey Taylor – CMF2 tracklisting

1. The Box
2. Post Traumatic Blues
3. Talk Sick
4. Breath Of Fresh Smoke
5. Beyond
6. We Are The Rest
7. Midnight
8. Starmate
9. Sorry Me
10. Punchline
11. Someday I’ll Change Your Mind
12. All I Want Is Hate
13. Dead Flies

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