The Plot In You Return Serve with New Screamy Effort ‘Forgotten’

It’s difficult to discuss the Plot in You without discussing Landon Tewers, the face and frontman of the Ohio quartet, whose otherworldly vocals have been paramount in helping this band soar to dizzying heights–where they seem destined to climb higher still.

When the band debuted in 2011, Tewers emerged as a stunning vocalist who could do it all–a driving force of Midwestern metalcore who proved to be restless, relentless… going on to even sustain a prolific solo career outside of band involvement, shaping a sound that was brutal–but often beautiful–a polished sort of metalcore that began to draw on the looser, breakneck romance of peers like Emarosa and D.R.U.G.S. To walk this line, this tightrope between formula and feeling–with the ease that Tewers managed–shows just how skilled the young vocalist is, a key reason The Plot in You has flourished for so long. His ability to swing between crushing lows and belting mids, car-brake screeches and heartfelt reaches–anchors the brilliance around him; don’t take the milieu of musicians with Tewers for granted, however, a veritable trio of travel-worn players–some of whom also stand amongst the band’s founding few. Ethan Yoder, Josh Childress, and Michael Cooper are the lungs of this bitter body, breathing force and fury into each and every moment.

New track ‘Forgotten,’ we’re met with churning, glitchy guitars pounding against the shore as Luciferian screams float atop the chaos. Tewers grapples with a swelling sense of nihilism, chasing regret while trying desperately to move forward. The track follows on from previously released singles ‘Divide‘ and ‘Left Behind‘ the latter of which moved away from the breakdowns and burnout towards an introspective kind of hardcore. Three singles complete this EP, but is this just the start of what’s to come after the release of 2021’s career-defining album Swan Song? We’ll keep you posted.

Touching on the ‘Forgotten’ video, the band describes the song as:

a gnarly anthem with plate-shifting breakdowns, and finds Tewers spewing angrily cathartic lyrics from the pit of his stomach.”

Make sure to give this new hit a rip, fit for rejuvenation and regurgitation alike!

Words by Thomas Hiscock

Stream ‘Forgottenhere