DEADNERVE Invoke Chaos On Latest Offering ‘Volatile (Waste)’

Alright, let’s get down to business.

Australian heavy music is in its prime right now, with the bigger bands leading the charge for the sounds from Australia that the rest of the world can’t get enough of. But the next class are hot on their tails, proving that talent doesn’t skip generations, it’s infused in our systems.

DEADNERVE are here to back these claims as they unchain their latest belter ‘Volatile (Waste)‘, with frantic riffs and bellowing screams utilised by their secret weapon, new frontman Terrence Kilner. Formerly of I, Valiance, Terrence spits fire on their new single creating a shockwave that hooks you in front the second he opens his mouth and showcases a ferocious sound for the Brisbane/Meanjin-based metallers.

With plenty more on the horizon for the and, we grabbed the lads for a chat about their new release, their upcoming launch shows and the inspiration behind the madness bestowed upon us today…

Welcome to Wall of Sound DEADNERVE, for the ill-informed please tell us how you came to be.

Deadnerve was originally formed in high school as a four-piece back in 2016. After several re-births and line-up changes, we joined forces with Terrence Kilner (ex-I, Valiance / Initiate Jericho) in 2022 almost immediately after a short demo-ing session. Once again we’re moving forward, and as a group and it’s never felt better.

We’ve seen you tearing up the local scene in Brisbane for a few years now, but you’re back with new track ‘Volatile (Waste)’. Give us a rundown of the inspiration behind this song.

Volatile started as a ridiculous riff that Oliver pulled out of nowhere during Covid while writing a new batch of material. After getting a rough outline of our new sound we took the material to Sledgehammer Studios where Sean Delander (Thy Art Is Murder) and Dan Field helped to push us hard creatively and mature our songwriting.

It wasn’t a smooth process but the frustrations found their way out through the music in a genuine way. If it’s worthwhile it won’t always be easy.

And the video was filmed and edited by Michael Brida, what was it like working with him and how much input did the band have on the final result?

Terrence: Working with Brida has always been a highly entertaining and creative experience I’ve worked with Brida in one of his very first metal band music videos and honestly since day one I knew this guy had a fantastic eye for visuals and just in general knows what needs to be done Highly recommend every band to work with him! IG: @byebrida

Frantic guitars, heavy gutturals and an ebb and flowing sound bordering the hardcore/deathcore/metalcore genres (with a cheeky blegh! thrown in for good measure). I’d put you guys on a lineup alongside Polaris, In Hearts Wake or Harm’s Way – but who would you say influenced the band’s sound and musical directions?

There’s nothing in particular we can really point to as the heart of our sound. All 5 of us enjoy different tastes in music so it’s really just a natural blend of things we all agree on.

But that’s a boring answer so here’s 5 artists we all think are sick: System Of A Down, I Declare War, Speed, Varials and Fit For An Autopsy. And if you could set that show up let us know 😉

I’ll start emailing now hahaha The new track follows on from standalone singles ‘Spit‘ and ‘Iceman‘ released back in 2021, how has the band changed and evolved since those two tracks dropped?

The main difference is definitely the new creative influence of Terrence along with the inclusion of our producers Sean Delander and Dan Field. We’ve definitely been pushed into a heavier direction with a lot more refinement overall – and we’re all for it.

The new single Volatile is effectively the beginning of our next era, taking the best parts of Spit and Iceman and raising the stakes on all of it.

I imagine you’re keen to hit the ground running with new material, do we have any insights into the future of DEADNERVE you’re willing to share?

We can’t give it all away just yet, but let’s just say we haven’t spent this entire time working with all these great people to leave you with only one song. With that in mind, biG tHinGs CoMiNg 👀

And you’ve got an upcoming single launch show at the Brightside with Deadskin, our pals in Virtues and Zuko – can we expect utter chaos and stage dives by the time you start playing ‘Volatile’?

Sydney show too! We always bring our A-game regardless of what’s happening in front of us whether it’s just the other bands and their mums or a packed room. The aim is to make a fan of everyone who makes the effort to come out to a show and support us.

All of that said, what we get we give back three times as hard so if anyone plans to throw down we promise it’ll be worth your while. We’ll be cementing these upcoming shows in DN history so make sure you’re not caught slacking 🎥.

Tickets Here

We’re all for manifesting goals and dreams – at this current point, what are three things DEADNERVE as a whole would like to achieve by this time next year?

1. Tour with some sick bands.
2. Sell out a show in our hometown.
3. Take Deadnerve around Australia.

We’ll follow up with you next August! Any final thoughts?

It’s been great chatting, thanks for taking the time to interview us! Keep an eye out on our socials and you’ll be a part of our Nervous System soon enough.

Interview by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

DEADNERVE is Terrence Kilner (Vocals), Oliver Welch (Guitar/Vocals), Daniel Horvat (Guitar), Jamie Jaques (Bass) and Alec Leeuwendal (Drums)

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