No Life – Delinquent EP (Track By Track) 

The hevay music scene and community is producing some of the best material we’ve ever heard, especially with bands from Australia, but just across the ditch in New Zealand, we’re seeing a stack of bands that are hellbent on leaving their mark upon the scene too.

During our travels we came across No Life, who just dropped their Delinquent EP (our review here) last week and have been riding the wave since. Not one to review and forget, we chased the boys up to take us through their latest release – track by track – to give us insights to their hard-hitting release, conceived by vocalist Connor Dickson, guitarist DJ Fieldes, bassist Mitch Blair and drummer Kahi Bettridge.

Have a read as you listen and go behind the the scenes of your new fav New Zealand band’s monsterous EP.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

We really wanted the opening track to set the mood of the entire EP. To showcase true darkness & despair! Funnily enough it was one of the last tracks to be written and it was heavily inspired by The Prodigy & IOWA (Slipknot) so it really does come out swinging. ‘The Lies We Tell Ourselves’ is a story of misery and hurt, where one is left abandoned in childhood by a loved one, stuck forever trying to seek their approval, only to be let down again & again.

Look Inside

The second track we wrote for this EP and one laced with vehement. We really wanted to punish with this one and get as heavy as possible! Lyrically Look Inside is confronting & dark. It’s a heavy story that unfortunately traverses domestic violence and the hurt that its victims can suffer, both physically and mentally. In many cases victims of Domestic Violence are manipulated into thinking they are in the wrong and they view themselves in a negative light. ‘Look Inside’ should read with a trigger warning but hopefully can share some form of comfort to those that have suffered. You are not alone and we stand strong by you.

Knife’s Edge

‘Knives Edge’ is rage & frustration! A climation of the hurt touched upon in the previous two tracks. We really wanted this track to be as pissed off as possible! This song is also as confronting as the last, where we touch on the subject of substance abuse which unfortunately in most cases goes hand in hand with Domestic Violence. This song is for all those fighting to reclaim their voice!

Puke feat. Plague of the Fallen

‘Puke’ is a very special song and the first song we wrote for the DELINQUENT EP. We wanted to get really creative with the vocal patterns for this one so we joined forces with the absolute powerhouse that is Vin Minchington of Plague of the Fallen. Vin is a close friend and the very person who introduced heavy music to our vocalist at the young age of 7 years old. Lyrically ‘Puke’ is just as confronting as the previous songs, though the perspective has shifted. It is bi-polar in nature and walks the landscape that childhood trauma has on a person, which more often than not can lead the victim down their own path of ill fated actions such as picking up substances themselves to self medicate.

Snake Eyes

‘Snake Eyes’ is a straight heater of a track! Intended to cause as much ruckus in the pit as possible. This one is pure loud noise meant for hard moshing & two stepping. Lyrically this track touches on the loss of a relationship, and the hurt that comes from that, where one party gives their all only to be abandoned yet again. We also wanted to showcase our hardcore elements & mix up the vocal style so even the more brutal listener would enjoy it.


The last track written for the EP. This track was written at a time of immense suffering. Loss is the subject matter for this one and the deep depression that comes with it. Again, confronting as all our songs seem to be, ‘Alone’ really describes the hurt, loneliness and lack of self worth many probably go through after losing someone important. We wanted the last track to leave the listener wanting more and to round out the tale that unintentionally starts out from childhood through to adolescence and then adulthood.

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Delinquent EP is out now – stream it here

No Life – Delinquent tracklisting:

1. The Lies We Tell Ourselves
2. Look Inside
3. Knives Edge
4. Puke ft. Plague Of The Fallen
5. Snakes Eyes
6. Alone

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