DIS//CORD Are South Australia’s Best Kept Prog-Core Secret

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Amongst the growing discourse about the Australian music industry, there is one thing that seems to be certain: discussions about Australian heavy/alternative music seem to be completely exempt. Not only are our bands headlining some of the biggest metal festivals in the world, but the grassroots are also full of untapped talent just waiting to be recognised.

As bigger bands are targeting more rural regions, the talent that is coming out of these areas is elevating. DIS//CORD is one of these bands. From Mount Gambier, a stunning town in regional South Australia, the fellas are making waves worth noting. With a sound that blends both classic metalcore with the current digital trend we see many bands experimenting with now, this band is fast becoming South Australia’s best kept secret.

With two singles under their belt and no sign of slowing down, Wall of Sound reached out to find out a little more about how they came to be…

“DIS//CORD formed in Mt Gambier in very late 2019 just before Covid hit our shores. We saw it through the pandemic and lockdowns by writing music and producing everything ourselves, and now we have come out the other side with an abundance of songs we are planning to drip-feed to the masses, track by track. We have been working with Chris Mora in Texas, USA for all our re-mixing and mastering needs and we think he has really delivered for us so far!

The original lineup had all been in other bands together over the years, and all went through life-altering events around a very similar timeframe, whether it was separations, divorce or career changes, we came together and tried to use this band, our music and each other’s company to help push through those adverse times.

Ultimately, DIS//CORD can be described as an absence of harmony, whether it’s between people or in music. We as a collective hope that others can use our music the same way we have, as an outlet and a tool to help mend any disharmony in their own lives.”

Clearly, the time taken to work on their sound is paying off. Their first single ‘circles’ kicked off the New Year for the band. It is a track that takes unpredictable turns and blends together a furious progressive metalcore sound with vibrant clean sections.

A few months later in April, the band dropped their latest single ‘PARANOID’. Almost dabbling into deathcore through the breakdowns and showcasing the group’s diverse range.

Only being their second single and already displaying an immense maturity in sound and songwriting, we could not help but ask the band to tell us about what inspired ‘PARANOID‘ both lyrically and instrumentally.

“Lyrically, PARANOID tells a story of when your psychological state has been pushed to its absolute limit, due to your own actions or decisions. It tells of the tricks the mind plays when you’re at your lowest and the further you delve into your thought processes at such a vulnerable state, the deeper the labyrinth grows and entangles your paranoia with reality. You can seek help from loved ones, but ultimately, there’s no turning back and the only way out of the self-induced nightmare is through.” The band explains. “Musically we tried to create this sense of angst throughout the song. Especially with how the guitars and drums are playing a lot of triple notes, we think it conveys that there’s a sense of urgency in the verses and breakdowns, especially once the lyrics were included in those parts. When it came to the 2nd verse, we had this idea of being chased through a labyrinth of hallways while trying to find the exit point; which then inspired us to include that orchestral synth to make it that little more eerie.”

“Once the song finally reaches the chorus, the feeling of angst dissolves and you can feel a moment of catharsis and in a weird way, some clarity. It’s like you’ve reached another exit and come to a conclusion for your madness.”

A band that is starting off this strong is worth watching.

Words by Kayla Hamilton @kaylazomboid

DIS//CORD is Andrew Cowley (Drums), Dan Edwards (Bass), Gavin Robertson (Guitar / Clean Vocals), Jake Turner (Vocals) and Steve Galluccio (Guitar).

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