Crown Magnetar – Everything Bleeds (Album Review)

Crown Magnetar – Everything Bleeds 
Released: July 14th, 2023

Line Up:

Dan Tucker // Vocals
Nick Burnett // Guitars
Grant Robinson // Bass
Byron London // Drums

Crown Magnetar online:


It only takes a glance at the track listing for the sophomore Crown Magnetar album Everything Bleeds to give a prospective listener a taste of what’s to come. With cuts like ‘Unholy Neck Stab’, ‘Only The Spine Remains’ – not to mention the LP’s title – it should come as no surprise that the Colorado quartet reside at the most extreme end of modern deathcore. A quickly rising talent off the back of their Alone In Death EP, as well as being a part of big tours with the likes of Carnifex, Suicide Silence and Dying Fetus, Everything Bleeds could be the record that takes Crown Magnetar up to the next rung.

There’s no bones about it; Everything Bleeds is an absolutely furious full length, front to back. With no superfluous intro piece, ‘Nail Funeral’ bursts open with a devastating beatdown, before the pace quickens. It’s big middle section introduces some subtle darkly melodic guitar lines, while being wrapped up with a nice twist on the intro breakdown. ‘Hex Ov Hate’ flies by at a wild pace, it’s only passage of reprieve during the bridge’s tom-driven beat and open note droning. The clean intro of ‘The Level Beneath’ serves as a way to catch your breath, with the rest of the chest-beating tune a real high-spot for the album.

One of Crown Magnetar’s strengths has always been being able to write concise material. With only the record’s opening and closer numbers moving past the four minute mark, it’s otherwise 180-second (and below) blasts of pure destruction; and their output all the better for it. Music this intense – regardless of the genre – demands the listener’s undivided attention, and a weighty collection of this style would be frankly too overwhelming and lose it’s edge. ‘Only The Spine Remains’ is slab of punishment, especially in its second half, whilst the ending of the following ‘The Killing Stone’ packs one of the LP’s best grooves.

Dan Tucker continues to stake his claim as one of the most intense vocalists in brutal deathcore. He seethes with vitriol and hate throughout, throwing out a “motherfucker” and “bitch” here and there through gritted teeth. Musically guitarist Nick Burnett balances the technical death metal aspects with more chug-oriented playing, while Byron London’s kick drums absolutely fly by at a ridiculous pace. The band and production as a whole is ultra-tight, yet still titanic sounding – each beatdown sounds planet ending. Even the songs on the back end of the release, which admittedly aren’t quite as attesting as the rest, still have big moments – from the instantly head-bobbing intro of ‘Dead Season’, to the excellent climax to ‘Despised From Seed’. The nearly-melodic ending of ‘Prismatic Tomb’ is a great palate cleanser from the previous nine tracks of intensity. The subtle reverberated clean vocals and soaring guitars in the ending section are a nice touch, and takes Everything Bleeds home on a very strong note.

A violent blur, Everything Bleeds is certainly not going to be for everyone, but it’s sheer intensity will draw people back for repeated listens and it’s through those individual spins that the standout songs begin to show. At times it’s a bit of a brick wall of ferocity, but if you like your deathcore unrelenting and without quarter, Crown Magnetar are the act for you. One criticism against Everything Bleeds is it’s certainly all been done before – but rather than trying to reinvent the steel, they’ve sharpened it to a spike and certainly delivered their finest release to date. 2023 has been a great year for all types of extreme metal, so while it’s not going to be the highest mark of the year, Everything Bleeds is a must listen for those who want their brutal deathcore uncompromising and completely devastating.

Crown Magnetar – Everything Bleeds tracklisting

  1. Nail Funeral
  2. Hex Ov Hate
  3. The Level Beneath
  4. Everything Bleeds
  5. Unholy Neck Stab
  6. Only The Spine Remains
  7. The Killing Stone
  8. Dead Season
  9. Despised From Seed
  10. Prismatic Tomb

Rating: 8/10
Everything Bleeds is out July 14th on Unique Leader Records. Order here
Review By – Andrew Kapper. Twitter: @andrew_kapper