HEAVENSGATE Continue 2023 Musical Domination with ‘VIOLENT JOY’

In an extraordinary confluence of chaos and disharmony, HEAVENSGATE astound on their latest single, ‘VIOLENT JOY’; a dark tangle of sound that fearlessly embraces harrowing surrealism, and themes emotionally disconcerting. The new track follows on from the band’s release of And All I Loved, I Loved Alone EP earlier this year, proving how forward-thinking they are with their music.

Venturing into this dissonant labyrinth unveils an exemplary fusion of the abrasive and melodic elements that permeate HEAVENSGATE’s music; which spectrally speaking, exists in metalcore’s darkest recesses. Impassioned screams tear alongside a deluge of guitars and drums to shape a sonic backdrop that mirrors the fractured psyche of its song’s narrator. The distressed pleas go unanswered, and we are confronted with the complete unravelling of a human mind; one that ends in the most disturbing of aftermaths: “Heads sprayed back on the walls. Filled with violent joy”.

On ‘VIOLENT JOY’, HEAVENSGATE extend beyond the confines set by their previous works, pushing the boundaries of experimentation and musicianship. In the process, they plunge listeners into more profound depths of anguish and despair. Keen to follow what this Greyscale Records roster act do next…

Words by Alex Burgess @alex.n.burgess

Stream ‘VIOLENT JOYhere