Kill The Lights Emerge With Metallic Gem ‘Broken Bones’

Kill The Lights 2023

All we got last year from our ex-Bullet For My Valentine pals Kill The Lights last year was ‘Dead From The Start‘ – and while we loved it, it wasn’t enough. Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas and Jason ‘Jay’ James are making up for it though as their new track ‘Broken Bones‘ is on streaming platforms today.

As a bit of a backtrack, Kill The Lights have delivered us some exceptional metal over the past few years, and whilst they’ve undergone some lineup changes, they’re thriving and exceeding both fans’ and their own expectations – just check out more recent hits ‘Voices‘ and ‘Chasing Shadows‘ to get a feel for it.

The five-piece are double-downing on their signature style and BFMV legacy with the perfect harmony of delectable riffs and emotive melodies. With vocalist James Clark toeing the line of gruff singing and old school growls, the band come together relentlessly to shred, kick and evolve. Definitely a tune worth checking out.

On the new single, the band comments:

“‘Broken Bones’ tells the story of someone who is in the depths of loss, heartbreak, and tragedy. Frozen with fear, they are forced to watch their life play out like a bad movie. Only hope keeps them from drowning in their own struggle with mental health. Every breath a struggle, each day a battle. On hands and knees, they fight just to get through the day.”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Broken Boneshere

Kill The Lights Broken Bones

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