Rancid Release Mid-Tempo Warning In Musical Form with ‘Devil In Disguise’

Rancid tomorrow never comes new album 2023

The older we get, the less inclined we are to mosh like we used to in our heydays and Rancid have released a brand new song that’s going to not only get you moving, but potentially moshing again like there’s no tomorrow.

A punk ode is what I’m labelling ‘Devil In Disguise‘; a mid-tempo offering that has Tim Armstrong‘s iconic vocals warning us of the dangers of the devil hiding in plain sight. It’s not your average punk rock jam (to me, it borders on sea shanty territories – without the bellowing vocals and violins), but it’s a hell of a good time and another taste of the band’s upcoming 10th studio album Tomorrow Never Comes – set for release NEXT Friday – June 2nd.

Our resident punk rock reviewer has already sussed out the album (review dropping very soon) and a little sneak peek of it reads:

We can’t judge a record by what we want it to be, only by what it is and Tomorrow Never Comes is a good record.

More to come…

Stream ‘Devil In Disguisehere

Pre-order the album here

rancid tomorrow never comes album review

Rancid – Tomorrow Never Comes tracklisting

1. Tomorrow Never Comes
2. Mud, Blood, & Gold
3. Devil In Disguise
4. New American
5. The Bloody & Violent History
6. Don’t Make Me Do It
7. It’s a Road to Righteousness
8. Live Forever
9. Drop Dead Inn
10. Prisoners Song
11. Magnificent Rogue
12. One Way Ticket
13. Hellbound Train
14. Eddie the Butcher
15. Hear Us Out
16. When The Smoke Clears

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