blessthefall Mark Triumphant Return With ‘Wake The Dead’

blessthefall 2023

One of the most boasted metalcore bands that’s been on ice over recent years has unequivocally been blessthefall. The Arizonian group powered their way through the ranks from inceptive record His Last Walk back in 2006 and conquered the scene with maturity via releases like Awakening and Hollow Bodies before hitting the Pause button after 2018 record Hard Feelings.

Since the downwind of the four-piece, members Jared Warth and Elliott Gruenberg got a bit ancy to get back in the studio and spun up side-project High Wind. The duo released a scrumptious handful of tunes early last year, including ‘Windwvker‘ and ‘Slipping Away‘.

Fans have been flirting with the idea of the band’s return for years to no avail, until now. We are pleased to inform you that blessthefall are back, baby! The news comes shortly after vocalist Beau Bokan‘s wife Lights released 2023 record dEd. The outfit’s return single from the 2010s post-hardcore outfit is called ‘Wake The Dead‘.

The return release is for the heavy heads. Warth takes the lead on vocals, gasping across rapid riffs that will take you right back to their Hollow Bodies era from a decade ago. ‘Wake The Dead‘ is immediately bouncy and has Bokan play his signature role of balancing the heaviness with his unique vocal melodies. The track definitely leans into the heavier side and is locked and loaded with breakdowns.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream ‘Wake The Deadhere

blessthefall wake the dead

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