Kisschasy – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 4th May @ The Tivoli, Bris QLD

The Tivoli, Brisbane QLD
May 4, 2023
Support: Towns and Bec Stevens

Bec Stevens… damn. Before tonight, I’d never heard of Bec Stevens (upsetting to say the least). Never listened to her music, seen her name, simply was not aware of Bec Stevens’ existence and what is wild, is that within minutes of that first note, it was clear to me that Bec Stevens was unreservedly and unapologetically Bec Stevens. Raw, Emotional, Authentic and “blow-your-tits-off” (IYKYK) funny. Bec’s set encompassed all of the nuances you’d expect from a headliner. Highs, lows, capo fuck-ups and everything in between. Her set touched on a plethora of truly heart-wrenching topics, some of which are biologically impossible for me to grasp yet somehow she was able to offer me some form of understanding.

One particular stand-out moment was a touching tribute to friend and fellow songwriter James McKenzie who sadly took his own life in 2019. Bec recalled what is now known as James’ Song being sent to her as a voice memo the day after the last time she set eyes on him. “I can’t help but think that this might be the last time we speak” is now a haunting lyric that will likely never be forgotten.

The true beauty and power of the collection of songs Bec Stevens performed for us was that I knew none of them, but FELT them all. Oh, and HOLY FUCKIN’ PIPES TAMIKA!!! Bec’s debut record Big Worry is out now, go rinse the hell out of it.

Let’s talk Towns. Little towns, big towns, country towns, just outside the city towns… Well, how about 2 piece band Towns? Towns, coincidentally, hail from Australia’s biggest town… Adelaide. Jokes! For those playing at home, Adelaide is a city. The city of churches. Churches which have evidently had zero effect on these potty-mouthed ferals. Bursting with energy, Towns filled the stage like a Toddler with a baked bean addiction does his pants the second after he replies “No” to being asked if he needs to use the toilet. Towns are a band that I’ve heard of before, though unfortunately have never had the absolute pleasure of witnessing live. Charisma, quick wit and a sprinkle of 2000’s nostalgia, Towns are basically the evolution of Edd and Ed (or was it Eddy?) after chugging Professor Utoniums unmanned beer at the Stiffmeisters Palace of Love. Fuck I’m old. Complete with Dickies, an ‘All Star‘ cover and a raging Tonsillitis infection, Towns managed to get the blood of every balding, 30-something-year-old with ED, pumping in all the right places. Towns are worthy of your time. Fuck, they’re worthy of a Kisschasy support slot so you obviously don’t need me to tell you that.

Now, before this show, I got to thinking about all of the Kisschasy experiences I’ve had over the years, after all, Kisschasy were one of those bands that inspired me to start a band myself, and if I’m being completely honest, my first band was pretty much just Kisschasy worship. The year is 2007, Hymns For The Non-believer is on the cusp of release, I’m sat in my car on a Thursday night listening to ‘Opinions Won’t Keep You Warm At Night’ on mainstream radio, opposite an ATM, waiting for my pay to process so I can pull out all the cash and go piss it away on new records and music mags. What a foreign place this feels like now. I mean, I’m still underpaid and still don’t own a home. I’m at a Kisschasy show with the same mates I was back then but somehow everything feels different now.

“A shot of light, I see the eyes. What a perfect way to meet.”

From the drop, Kisschasy had the place eating out of the palm of their hands. They served up a healthy banquet of bops spanning their 2005 debut United Paper People and 2007 sophomore Hymns For The Non-Believer with a light smattering of Seizures in the form of ‘Turnaround’, ‘Generation Why’ and ‘Dinosaur’. While floor shakers like ‘Strings and Drums’ and ‘United Paper People’ kept the room buzzing and vibes high, Kisschasy were sure to make some breathing room for fan favourite ballads ‘The Shake’ and ‘Black Dress’ which were performed almost hauntingly by Cordeux, solo. But by far the real gravy of this meal for me was ‘Darkside’, a track dedicated to the OG Kisschasy fans. The band closed out the set with a full band finish for ‘Black Dress’ leaving absolutely no doubt as to what tracks might make up their encore.

Of course they saved the best for a 3-course dessert. The band retake the stage with a cheeky Darren Cordeux announcing that they’d embarrassingly, somehow, missed 3 songs in the set. Shimmering guitar rings out through The Tivoli and sets the pace for the track that truly started it all, ‘Do Do’s and Woah Oh’s’. “This is a toast to all the people listening!” The crowd fucking love it. I honestly don’t think there was a single mouth in that room that wasn’t moving. ‘Spray-on Pants’ was next, a toast to all the people STILL listening, a track that highlights how quickly so many people are happy to jump from trend to trend sounds so fitting played to a full house in a set that consists of songs that are over a decade old… and finally, the song that is tied to so many of my core memories in music, ‘Opinions Won’t Keep You Warm At Night’. I love this feeling. The feeling of something so familiar in a time that feels so polarised. I felt an air of positivity fill the room after the house lights came on or maybe it was the beers talking…Maybe the nukes won’t drop, maybe we’ll stop climate change, maybe I’m not as old as my greying hair and fucky knees make me feel. I hope there is new music. I hope there are more tours. I hope this is the beginning of a new era for Kisschasy.

Gig Review and Photo Gallery by Mitch Chamberlain. Insta: @chamberlainmedia
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