Humanity’s Last Breath Purge ‘Labyrinthian’ Off New Record Ashen

Humanity's Last Breath 2023

Leaning fully and steeply into the crushing, doom-laden, side of deathcore–Sweden’s own Humanity’s Last Breath leave ears ringing on the bitter new cut ‘Labyrinthian.’ Caught in the maze, this ensemble of execution wows listeners with power, poise, and the discipline needed to dig deep! 

Already well-established for bringing the unfiltered sounds of sacrilege and suffering to bear, this four-piece has laboured since the late 2010’s to share their brutal sound with the world; sucking the life out of a more upbeat, involved style. HLB delivers simple, gut-wrenching sounds flowing in the vein of No Zodiac or The Acacia Strain. 

Dousing the listener in a torrent of vocal fury, and seemingly, the effects of one massive breakdown, ‘Labyrinthian’ winds and grinds its way onwards, truly living up to its name! The band churns in the murky depths of the low end, stressing existing sounds as opposed to simply seeking new ones: strident guitars, massive vocals, and monolithic drums jump through the mix–growing more pronounced as the tune marches on, leaving destruction in their wake.

This bold new cut marks the next chapter for Humanity’s Last Breath, an exciting time that will find the band gearing up to release their freshly announced forthcoming album, Ashen, available August 4 through Unique Leader Records, don’t hold your breath–August is almost here!

Words by Thomas Hiscock

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Humanity's Last Breath Ashen

Humanity’s Last Breath – Ashen tracklisting

1. Blood Spilled
2. Linger
3. Lifeless, Deathless
4. Withering
5. Instill
6. Labyrinthian
7. Catastrophize
8. Death Spiral
9. Shell
10. Passage
11. Burden
12. Bearer